Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Few more weeks, and I gotta say bye to my 2nd years of uni life. I come to realize that I have a very steady and boring rhythm of year. Or shall I ask myself, what have I done all this while?

My first years is a bom. A lot of interesting stuffs happen in my life. But this year, everything has been slow down and I found that I have change too. Becoming more cautious perhaps?

True fact is, I can't even truly understand myself. The same people can ask the same question about my opinion many times, and I could give him different thought of me every time. I speak from my heart and mind in the instant that I could think off. I do not masked it and I talked what I think. But the answer varied every time. This mean, I yet to grasp my mindset yet.

Though I am 22. I am still learning. I realize that I am still in the process of understanding myself better. I guess, my constant changing thought is due to my 'try & error' process of matching the suitable characteristic for myself.

Well, just one thing I could tell you. What you guys think of me today, do not reflect who I am currently is and going to be in future. Cause I know I am still developing and changing like a child inside me.

Well, what is my differences between my first year and second years? I think what I did during first years, can't be accepted by the 'me' now. And I think I could not do the same thing and undergo the same process like the crazy thing I done before.

I always said.... 'this is too tiring... I am too old for this'

'me' now, prefer a steady life and preferable, do not have to undergo crazy idea anymore. And I kinda like it.


Mei Kin said...

waaaa.... so fast u already so mature liao... =)

life is urs, live it d way u want... just make sure u r happy! ^^

夜猫呆呆 said...

aiyo...holim, means u are becoming more and more mature liao. congratz...
It's a good thing.

Legend said...

22 still very young...
We still have 2 more years to go.
No doubt our studying life might be coming close to an end, but that's just the beginning of life.