Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Tomorrow is the day when my skill is put to test !

This is the skill I have been learn and sharpen since I chose this major. So, what skill am I talking about?


I have learn that one does not need to know everything, but he must know every bit of everything. And leave the rest to the art of Craptology.

This skills are meant for lazy-ass like me. My brain just can't absorb paragraphs of words. I am wondering how the girls can finish reading a same book 3 times just for an exam?

My brain is very choosy, damn picky. It don't store stuffs that it do not have interest in it. And it do not store stuffs that it do not understand either. So, in order to memorize something, this brain of mine must

memorize stuffs that interested him && understandable.

Hence, I taking a very long time to revise stuffs. In order to survive, I have to put my Craptology skill to test.

"Win the war with the least resources"

and tomorrow, I shall pass-up a book instead of answer sheet !


yen Ho said...

yaya, girls y can memorize the whole book and keep on reading and reading............, let's crap together tmr ba XD

夜猫呆呆 said...

but gals always fail to think logically. That's why gals are so different from guys. haha.
Anyway, holim, maybe take some notes while reading. Since u cant absorb paragraphs, transform them into pictures and diagram. It's proven that human's brain don't recognize main points by paragraph or point form.