Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oath for life

It was a Thursday night.

I shall be in college meeting up Junyen and Ian for OT discussion. But I yet to have my dinner.

But I am alone. It is sad to eat dinner alone, especially when eating outside. I planned to have my dinner before entering college.

Finally I think of my sister living at SS 17. I called her for dinner and she agreed.

Both of us having dinner at CIMB mamak. I was carrying my laptop bag while she carry nothing. She ate the recommended Nasi Lemak Ayam, and I ate roti sardin.

The night was blowing cold wind, indicating rain was coming soon. So we paid up and leave. I fetch her home and drive steadily to college.

I reached 10th coll and parked my car and search for my . . .

OH SHIT @!x?%

I lost my laptop bag ..

Everything is inside it. Laptop, external hard-disk, and my sony pendrive..

I was so freaking out. Calling my sis at once and had her run me an errand. I drove like mad out from Uni while awaiting my sis news.

I was thinking a lot of things. Laptop is not of my concern. The things inside are what I thinking of.

Assignments ! , and all of the memories kept within..

Yea, I do backup it.. but the backup-ed data was in that bag as well.. Omigod.

I was thinking... my life is done..

My assignment need to start from scratches.. but no laptop how to do? Exam is coming and how to study? I can't afford to buy a new laptop neh... and don't want to burden my pap for this.

I was scratching my head and blame myself for clumsiness. I willing to do anything just to get my laptop back.

And so, I look up to god as my final solution because I was really helpless. I make an oath to him.

I said, if I were able to retrieve my laptop back, I will never eat beef for life.

And this oath will remain true for life.

A call came as I was driving. I heard the relief sound of my sis. From there, I was sure everything is going alright.

She said, after we left, there were two uncles taking our place. They notice the bag and help us safeguard it. I was so relief and happy. The feeling is priceless.

So I went back to Mamak and personally thanks the uncles and my sister as well.

My life is safe ^^ and I will remember the oath too..

ps: Next time when face this kind of situation again, I will choose to cut down pork, and then chicken and then fish and then... becoming vegetarian... ahhh !!

-That is the story-


MoonmooN_86 said...

ya...thk god for tht~~~
now i understand y u dun wan eat beef liao~~~ time wont ajak u eat beef liao~~
i pray better next time dun have same thing happen...coz...i dun wan my bro to be a fully vegetarian...if not..gosh...wat r v goin to eat for our everytime outing~~ ^^

learn frm the lesson la...dun be clumsy lo~~~ kekekekeke


LEe YiN said...

walao..dun learn from me la...but luckily get back leh XD

holim said...

Ur blur-virus is spreading leh.

Must confine you in one place to control the outbreak.. !

明秋明秋 said...

how do u do?

Jyphoon said...

Wow, Ingat wanna ajak you go Ikea eat Swedish Meat(beef) Balls today. Super sedap one. But... sigh.. wasted lo.. haha. still got other things to eat geh. haha