Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bullshit post : Another one

I try not to believe it, but it occur in my life so often,

till I have to admit and give-in to this bullshit.

In my 2 years of uni-life, like any bachelor out there, I try to be socially active to get more friends and keep my eyes on good girls XD. Well, every girls that I eye-on, I will eventually trying to know them more. Using simple trick like text messaging and face-booking.

I have tried to approach many girls that I just known, to get a closer understanding of them, and of course, I am not Bandaraya which sapu every girl that said to be an easy target. In my uni life, only few girl had manage to catch my attention.

Soon after I get to develop my feeling toward her, my approaches will become more aggressive and experience changes in behavior.

Which mean, the girl is lock-on ! and I will either go-all-the-way / half-the-way to get her.

Okay, okay . . the craps I just said is wasting time, the point is, the girl that I lock-on, whether I give all-the-way(obvious move to chase her) / half-the-way(still have point to u-turn) will surely be in relationship very soon!

Well, as I am still a bachelor now, obviously my suck-up move can't win their heart XD.
Anyway, soon after I give up my suck-up plan to chase them. Very soon,

facebook : XXX Is in relationship.

fuyoh ! My past-life must be a 'cupid' ! Must be ! So many case already, r0ughly count, should be at least 3 cases already.

Good news for them, but bad news for my heart (X_T)"

Well, if somehow I have at least contribute a tiny factor for them to get in relationship (well, bullshit right, this post is full of bullshit anyway.. ), then I am glad to be helpful. Their partner as I see, have better quality than me and good for them. (well, do I have quality in the first place, perasan XD)

Just that my heart will bleed a little

But I am good at patching up my constant injured-heart ;)

This is a curse man, how come ah? usually I don't make my move so fast. I will check whether is there other guys who are chasing her by stalking her facebook history and observing her msn's shoutout. (but, I am an ethical stalker k XD) My confident is low when facing girl la, if I found out there are bunch of good looking guys are going for her, I will automatically give-up.

Weird thing come out, before I do anything, the wave are pin-drop-silent. Soon after I make my decision and go for her.. niabeh =_=""

Don know where, come a bunch of monkeys as well. Haha.

Curse of an cupid haha.

ps : hey, still single? can try to flirt me geh, when u feel like I have fall for you.. then treat me eat sour lemon and wait for 'in-relationship' la. haha

Gosh... this post is really a bullshit ! Am I serious ? dude........


夜猫呆呆 said...

huh? I am more interested about the gossip. who is the one? who is in relationship now!!!!??? tell me tell me. wat the...holim, u are blind is it...I am infront of you, single, u ignore me right away ah..sad .

holim said...

cat~ar, ND always there for you..
don need my cupid's magic liao lu.. hehe

plank ton said...

cat : nice reply!!

LEe YiN said...

lol..i know who~~~ :p shocked me jugak~

Catherine said...

siapa tu!!!???
tell me tell me!!
ppl nvr satisfied with what he/she already has de lo. XD