Saturday, April 10, 2010

A trip to Cameron Higland

Walao ! Cameron trip's post ? Shouldn't this past one month ago...

Well, now only got time mar. Because now is study week hehe~ here we go

Trip to cameron highland.

My first time. Congratulate to CC that have make this a success. Actually Cameron ain't far from here. But, the hills there are not a joke.

We are boarding a bus and enduring the sickness of 'selo-belok' when hiking the hills... Along the way, we saw a road block ! but not by police....

it is by

A lorry packed with goodies from Cameron.. "OMG OMG OMG ! I think I saw some liqiud flowing out from the driver seat.. is it ?? ermm... "

Well, as far as I observed, that was not blood, cause I saw people from the truck are happily controlling the traffic and still can laugh about it while biting some fresh tomatoes.

When we first arrived at Cameron, we went to eat and I found out that the food's price are same as KL. It gave a scent of being at KL. The weather is cold and fresh. I would say, a lot better than Genting which is kinda polluted.

This time, almost all the camera's freak were holding DSLR, and they took good pictures too, with high resolution which captured every pimples and holes on your face =.='
I think, digital camera ain't that bad at all.. for people who had cacat-ed skin like me. lolx

what so good ? esther is it lolx

Of course, we went to strawberry farms, cactus and bla bla bla.. Well,

I get bored.

But there are places which is magnificent and worth to promote by me ;)


uncle: sipek bah, walao only half way nia

This pasar malam are a food paradise! It sells cheap and quality foods. Almost same like KL, but it had something differ very far from it, which is quite imposibble for KL-lite to follow. The greatness of Cameron Pasar Malam is ..



Malay and Chinese working together ! To my surprise, almost all the Malays work at pasar malam could talk chinese. I felt so delighted and happy when speaking my own language with them. This is what I called a truly '1 MALAYSIA' .

Because we are budget-tight, we made our own dinner which is steamboat !

30+ people eating together in one small apartment. The soup was erm~ however the environment and friends save the day! So warm and competitive des~neh. In the first time I having tough time to eat my favourite meatball and hot-dog. Haha

Rumor said that, this maze is the biggest in Malaysia

I would said, oIoo.

Bullshit. We have to paid rm3 for this 3 'years old level' mazes.

Anyway, there is a place which I highly recommend anyone of you to pay a visit. The infamous, tea farm !

Who is this SFH pretending to enjoy the burning 12pm sunlight? This is M'sia weih

It look the best during sunny day.

Junyen : sipek Yeng mou?
Holim : Walao mr.sipek yeng.. got bird wan shit on you eh..

Broken-arm warrior : I will shoot it down... fong sam

Lolx... Sorry for the lame joke XD.
Anyway.. I love Cameron Highland. The weather is cold and steady throughout the year. I believe people who live there will developed a fair and smooth skin in time.

Well, Anyone who went there, will look beautiful because of the nice weather... It make our skin radiant white in instance.. just like this lenglui! . .


My eyes blind for few minutes XD. She is fair eventhough he live in PJ hot weather, she is an envy of girls in our faculty.. but when she came to this legendary hill... her beauty...


well, although she is un-challengeable, but all the girls who went there, look fairly white too.. like..

Oops.. got special case geh XD. Haha

And our final destination.....


I prefer Langkawi one though. Well, thats all folk and we went back to KL in one piece ;)

PS: I think I will move to this place when I old.. haha


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nice one man, haha~
actually go where also same, the most important thing is with who , not where.. haha
btw~~ really enjoyed that day.. hehe

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