Thursday, April 1, 2010

A stroll to morning market

Yesterday, I come back from coll around 3am. I am tired and moody. So I went to sleep. It was a freezing cold night. Syok !

But I have OT class at 8am next day. Heck !

So, I overslept........

Quinn called me up, and I decided to skip it.

But I did not went back to my comfy sleep. Instead

I talk a long walk to SS2 pasar alone.

I want to do this since long time ago. Walk from my house to SS2 pasar to tapao breakfast. It took me 30minute of walking to reach there. However the early weather is cool and nice. I enjoyed it. I saw a lot of Apek and Ahmah taking a morning walk too.

Then I saw a school, a primary school near my house.

Kids were having 'Pendidikan Jasmani'. Such a nostalgia neh. Really miss my old time when we use to run around the field for footballs while girls were playing bola jaring 'boring'.

So, I kept walking, walking on streets and area that I never been before. I aim at the pasar direction and keep on walking without knowing which lorong and street I took, but I am sure I will be alright.

30 minute later, I sampai dah.

notice the 'bee' word ? Dont it look like 3 asses? lolx

SS2 pasar is consider small. My hometown have a bigger one. My stomach starting to growl as I saw foods !

I tapao nasi lemak from one malay auntie (RM3.40), Karipap (RM1.20)
and Hot soya bean (RM1.20).

Then I headed back. Amazingly, I found new shortcut when on my way back. It only take me about 20minutes to reach my home. Haha

Guess what, I saw a beautiful garden that is full of green! It have so much trees that it shades all over the garden. Nice! It just located behind my house. Damn! why I was never notice it before.

Anyway, I start to realize that my place is actually very nice, but I never notice it before when I was driving around.

Gotta love my place more ^^

Well, after almost 1 hour of walking. My appetite is so good that I could swallow an elephant! But again, elephant is protected in M'sia =.=. But I can't eat cow too, because I just make a whole-life oath to never eat beef again (stay tune for story). So, I eat 'siham' instead ... LOLX.

You might wonder, is it worth the effort? to walk 1hour for this kind of common foods.

Well, I don't know, but I feel good, hehe.

When I bought the foods in pasar, I was so eager to know how it taste when I was on my way back. The curiosity is just fantastic.

The food was great, maybe it is not.. but with add-on spice of efforts, it taste extra-ordinary. Lolx.

I will definitely do this again. And try different foods next time !

So, Siao kiaz and cha bo... who wanna join me to pasar next time ?

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yen Ho said...

nice nice~~~next time jio frank tan go together^^ tat fella seldom exercise d...XD