Wednesday, March 31, 2010

True fact ;)

Good Music come from people of fantastic vocal. Whatever they sing, is good music.

I came to realize this after listening to 'LADY GAGA MEDLEY'. A guy named Sam Tsui that recently caught my attention after listening to his song of 'bad romance'. Definitely he is beating the crap out of GAGA itself.
I was not the fan of 'bad romance' sang by GAGA, but I change my mind after listening to Sam Tsui MEDLEY version. His version is Fantastic. His vocal is damn nice.

We often said that 'the songs was nice'. Are we actually pointing to the song's characteristic itself?
Or the 'that people version' of songs?

'Im Yours' from Jason Mraz is damn sweet and nice. But if Holim was the one who sang this song. Will you still enjoying it? Well, of course not. The songs lyric still the same. When I sing, I still carry out the meaning of the song, but 99.9% of people listening to it would not consider it as a nice music.

So, people are actually love the people who sang the song, not the song itself. Negaraku is boring. But if it was sang by Khalil or Ne-Yo, then everyone will say it is nice.

Don't you agree ?


LEe YiN said...

ya! the last part i totally agree...hahahahahahah

yen Ho said...

=.=''''got point. juz like watever ah quinn do v still will feel funny, no cure...XD