Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tri-celeb Nice^^

Birthday become ordinary when the ages passed 21. I really thought so. Thanks to good friends and my dearest family, my birthday had turned out to become special this year. Non word can describe my happiness when my day was celebrated 3 times this year.

First, a birthday surprise by my SS2 family

It is really a surprise, as you can take a look at my 'cincai-ed' wear and mushroom-ed hair. Haha, it is funny when I recall back that day incident. Quinn purposely changed his shirt before hand to avoid shirt 'clashing' and philip was on his t-shirt in room. Well, he always topless, so... lolx. Anyway, it is still a good surprise =)

When I thought everything was over, I am wrong. Jun Yen, my good buddy had organized an outing to again, celebrate my birthday which happened at Italianese, One Utama

Well, this time I get to prepared myself since it is not a surprise.. XD I get a hair cut with my roomie at noon and get to wear a more presentable attire.. lolx

I am so glad that you guys willing to kill some time to celebrate my day.. as I notice that assignments are piling up and some have test tomorrow (Thanks Xiao Ken and Joey).

A good dinner with good friends are superb and satisfied. But it did not end here, because I still get my present ! Nice !

Non word can be describe my feeling that day.. Thanks guy, especially you . . JunYen =)

When I was back to my home. My mom was planning to make a barbeque party to make up my past birthday. I am cool with it, but my mom insisted. So, why not ? haha

As usual, which is a tradition, my mom will cook for me soup noodle with 2 eggs at morning for my birthday and my grandma will gave me a big ang pau !

That was my delightful breakfast on saturday morning ^^

At night, a small barbeque party was held at my house which only invited my close relatives.

My generous uncles and aunties had gave ang pao as gift, which total up to the amount of rm200. Wao, it is so nice when can eat and earn !

But I do realize that my parents spent a lot in this.. so, I have secretly put my rm200 ang pao money to my mom's purse during that night when she was asleep, hehe.

Thanks to my dearest family =)

This year I have a blast eventhough my assignments and tests are cracking my skull.


LEe YiN said...

wao~ what a warm family~ ^^

gironick said...

happy birthday again~ XD

MoonmooN_86 said...

bro...i reli proud of what you have done.... ^^

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