Saturday, March 13, 2010

My First 10km !

A month ago, my uncle jio me for 10km marathon. So I said, why not ?

and here am I today, waking up as early as 5am for this run. You know what I am having for breakfast ?

A bottle of red bull

And that all.. Apparently my uncle's friend was joining us too, and we arrived there before 7am

Cars were swarming the place and our car was parked quite far. The sky was still dark and cold. First thing first, we look for toilet to get some relief ;)

Holy cow, the toilet was soooooo full, and the smell was like
dead body? or a wound which filled with bigots.. Funny thing is, most of the people lining there were not for small bladder, instead they were queuing for big business ! lolx

Well, the sky was still darklish... and people were doing stretches and warm-up.. i felt that there were many people around...

We standby on our gate with others participants.

Have you wonder where the picture come from ? haha, my phone la of course *proud*. I am bringing my phone along to snatch photos while I am running. Wao, it is not easy though..

Hey dude.. check out my running shoes ..
Adidas adeprene : what's up ?

Well, this is my ID_number and also my lucky draw number. Remember this well folks, it might become a legendary later, haha.

Well, earlier I said that I felt there were a lot of participants.. Well, when the sky get brighter, o yea . . I not just only felt, I was surround by them ! Thousand perhaps ?

Tepat tepat at 7.20am.. the race start ! and everyone was like, running the hell out from a bomb site.

I was joking with my brother..
Lim : How ah, if suddenly I roll around the floor?
Eng : Then you will see a line of people starting from you, pokai-ing and cursing people around.

Lolx, so we continue to run..

Remember how awesome my phone is ? it can capture picture clearly though we were moving ;)

This run is grand ! they close one side of road just for us.. At that moment I am so tempted to lie flat down on the road.. hey, how often you get the chance to do that ? haha, but I didn't do that.. cause, you know, I feel bad when people were pok-road-ing around.. lolx

Polices were around to watch the traffics..

It is nice to run on road with lotsa of people.. there were "scenes" to view and enjoy..

At first, I thought 10km run is easy, cause I thought I use to run that distant in UM.. but I was wrong.. When I thought I am running very far, then I saw

You are 8 Km to destination...

Well, it is quite disappointing... however, my stamina was still good. People there were pro.. I thought after 15 minutes, I can take over them one by one.. but I was wrong.. they were still keeping up.

When I was 5 Km away from destination.. I was entering a park. A very nice park.

But damn, it is a nice park but with a super shitty slope. Half of the run was like hiking a hill. Holy shit.

After hiking up and down the inner hill.. I was able to take over many of them, I run all the way passing the slope.. and then finally I saw this

I was like, hey... it feel like I had ran for 20km !

In total, there were 2 station where they provide drinks.. it is so tempting.. but I resist. I don wanna run with stomach-ache.. lolx

but people were so .... haha.

Right after existing the park... finally

and we back to the real road again.. well, out of 3km, 1km was accompanied by the cheers of honks from cars ! woohooo

Lolx, cars were lining up to watch us, and waste their battery to cheer for us.. haha

Some even come out from their car and have a loud chit-chatting with the police blocking the road. Well, malaysian is so nice.. thanks for the cheers dude.. *sob*

You make my 1km run a lot easier ;)

On my way to destination. I saw a signboard..

Wao, for the first time in my life... I was so amaze that every road-user were so obeying the rule.

The last 2km is ............................. killing me. To be honest, I am

sipek exhausted.

The final sloping road that I was running... was, shitty. I was so dreaded long. My body is already lembik liao.

Well, saw the people opposite the road.. haha, they have not entering the park yet. And I was leaving the park already.. God bless them.

Finally... I saw my destination.. this scene was taken after the final 'killer' / I will love to address it as the road of misery and depression. Remember the final long sloping road I mentioned? People were breaking down at there, they gave up their non-stop jog and choose to drag their feet slowly with their 'depressed for oxygen face' to finish that shitty road. For me, I was running on it 70%.

Dudes, 1km of slope..

Finally... but, I was already so lembik that my body was running like cc. My breath was recovered after going down some hill, but my body really lembik already. So, I try to jog with decent speed as possible.

And, I arrived at destination point.

I saw the light of hope ! but my body is still lembik and I was like condong a bit already.. hahaha


My position... the 309th finished at 1H 15minute

Lucky for me.. the qualification time is 1H 30 minute. Not bad lar.. haha
Remember earlier I said, remember my ID_number well, for it might become.. erm..

Well, just forget about it.. the 1st finish the line at 40minute.

So I get a cert and a medal... =)

There were many free drinks and foods over there.. which are

eat all you can, and all you can eat !

The godly milo ~ I was drinking this for... emm like 4-5 cups.. lolx

Starting from left is my uncle, his friend, and his friend.. and my younger bro and me.

Remember the lucky draw earlier ? This is the prizes

Hell yea, a jacuzzi bath tub.

Wonder, how am I going to carry this back home ?

and if I manage to carry it back, where am I gonna place it ? haha

Well, there is always a time to capture some nice scene.

And the cleaning-up work.. thanks dude !

Well, my left leg was starting to swell.. and I am going to be a TOKU for few days.. haha

Anyway I am so freaking hungry that I could swallow an elephant. Well, I run on empty stomach.

But instead of elephant... I change to cow . Cause elephant was like, protected in malaysia ? lolx

So, I went to

and here goes my morning calories burning from something to nothing.. =)


Jyphoon said...

Wow, nice. I'll join next time =D

holim said...

sure thing dude..
Next time I will have you and tat as my running companion ;)

perhaps leeyin as well, lolx
she is working hard on it.. haha

Carlson said...

Ah lim, y didn join Larian Gemilang? Then we could run 2gether lo... Haha...

LEe YiN said...

XD what a nice post~
10km i will jadi OKU terus la...
dun play play..LOL~

hey TOKU, when is our next jogging session?

夜猫呆呆 said...

The sky is bright before 6:30am in Sarawak. XD

Catherine said...

Now I remembered. I had my first 10km before you. LOL... During NS, the last week before we finished the program, being forced to finish the 10km, almost cried. It's just too tough for me, almost faint. But the commander was so strict that I don dare to stop. Anyway, I still finished my 10km. HAHA. A nightmare for me, anyway. =X

holim said...

lol, nice one cat ;)
wondering why got 2 version of cat ah? haha