Friday, November 2, 2012

Is All Good.

A good 8 months has past since my very first career.

8 months are a very lengthy duration. But if you are having fun and passion in whatever you are doing, it felt like days. 

If you asked me, would I continue to embark on this path maybe for another or few 8 months ? 

Without thinking twice, why not ? 

I am glad that I have chosen the path to learn. A path where when one willing to learn, opportunities is there. 
Working at IT vendor site is not as scary as many would think. Yeah it is tough for start.

A lot of 'coding' needed to be done. When you do not know how to do it, you will need to find a way to make it done. Get a related programming books, google web, consult seniors and others ways you could think of. As long it get done.

The process is not sweet. It is like back to uni time, but with 1000 times more seriousness. This is a war zone, because if you can't get it done, some one will.

In the beginning, my mind will always think, 'How To Do it' ?

It was my difficult time. 

But when time goes by and I have pickup skills and experiences, now I could afford to think "How To Do it Best' ?

and it become fun to work on projects with challenging task.

However, in a ever changing and challenging IT industry, nothing will stay stagnant for long. So, I have to pickup new skills like IOS development and Sharepoint programming in order to be ready. 

Any company will be more than happy if their staff is ready to be multi-skilled. Because with that, the account manager will have confident to bid tender for project that required those skill. 

And I do felt the satisfaction and achievement when my skills and experience could put a dense in company's revenue.

so guys, we are still young and now is the high time to learn. Earning is important but don't make it a big priority. Go for Vendor and beat the challenge.