Friday, October 28, 2011

Cameron Highland escapade

There is a saying,

It is now, or Never

my final sem was half-gone and soon I will be facing unimaginable crazy shits ahead. So, meanwhile there is still some time to waste and spare money to flush,

Here we went, Cameron Highland Malaysia.

To reach here, we had went through almost an hour of dizziness driving up the curvy hills. But it was definitely worth it at the end when the cool breeze of clean air blow through our skins.

I would recommend that before reaching Tanah Rata try to make a stop at the famous LATAR ISKANDAR waterfall. After hour of dizziness journey up the hills, you will definitely would love to wash your face with icy cool water fresh from the hill itself.

But if you are heading to Cameron Highland from north using Simpang Pulai road, then you would not pass-by this waterfall on your journey. As I am coming from south, it is a sure bypass attraction spot.

Do try the fried banana that sold by hawker stall along side the road. It was so crunchy and thick.

Because it was raining season now, we were facing inconsistent whether throughout our journey. Rain and Sun seems to become a really good friends because it can be rainy few minutes and then hot afterward. This trend keep on alternating throughout days.

The first place we visited Cameron Highland was the Boh Tea Plantation.

Compared to Borath Tea Plantation, I would say this is a lot tougher to reach. The road was tight and a lot of sharp corners which are extremely dangerous. You will need to horn all the way up each time you reaching a corner to signaled the incoming cars from opposite direction.

And we need to do a little climbing as well.

After a long hike, treat yourself with a nice cup of red tea. Do order slices of cakes especially the Banana-Carrot Cakes as it goes very well with the hot red tea while enjoying the great view of Cameron.

Try to imagine yourself as a noble enjoying great tea time with your high-class friends on top of a hill. Haha, It is fun.

Cameron Highland is all about Veges, Tea, Fruits and scenery. Almost all of the attraction spot will offered the same thing. Well, do not get disappointed by it because this is what Cameron is about.

The place to eat steamboat will be non other than Cameron Highland. Of course, Genting Highland could be the alternative as the weather is cold as well. But does it provides fresher veges than Cameron ? No

Big, fat and crunchy veges along with sweet soup base in an icy cold weather... I can't describe enough with words alone. You gotta try it yourself.

If you are having enough with City Life and hopes to escape to some place that is peace with great scenery. Cameron would be my highest recommendation.

I think I said before last time, that I will build a Vila some day in future on top of Cameron Highland Hill and live there for the rest of my life after I retire.

Who have the same thinking like me ? Hahaha

Monday, October 24, 2011

How to be a Man ?

Days now,

nobody really knows what a man should look like. It came to a point where man means human being with penis and balls hanging on his crotch.

For girls, young teenagers especially, when some beefy guys with charming face and talk with a really nice macho accent pass by em. They get electrocuted and they called it ' Soooo Man'.

It appeared the 'Men' criteria had went down to just appearance factor.

Well, I am a big guys that love to show my excess arm's meat very often. Not that I want to, buy my arms are very prone to sweat. And I always get involved in task/help that required muscles... often I get praise 'Very Man' for that.

To my ashamed, I do not deserved it because being a 'Men' required more than just Muscles alone. Below are the Top 10 criteria to be a real Men.

No 1. Real Man is strong.

A men do not cry, moan, complains and went to doctor every time he sneezes. A real men is tough and has no time for weakness. Be it good time or shit-falling condition, a men will firm on his stance and take on whatever comes to him up-front. While providing his back as cover for the people that trusted him.

No 2. Real Man is Focused

A men stayed focused all the time. He knows well what he is doing and don't waste time on stupidity. A very good quote from Don Corleone (GodFather 1972) said, "Women and children can make mistakes, but not Men". 

No 3. Real Man knows the importance of family

A real man keep his family strong and and pass on his 'ancestor' history and tradition. No matter how the world had advanced nowadays, man shouldn't forget his root and he will make sure the responsibility do not die in his hand. 

No 4. Real Man doesn't gossip.

Real men do not engaged in girly talks. He shelters information and do not reveal more than he has to. He doesn't talk about things he do not sure and people that he do not know about.

No 5. A real Man word is His Bond

When a man make promises, he will make sure it get delivered. If not, he wouldn't promise. He would rather die than breaking them. Hence, men is rationed his word.

No 6. Real Men strives to be a role model

Real Men do not afraid of being followed. They knows that they are confident and nothing will goes wrong. Men love reputation and being respected. He will walk his talk and set a good example for his disciple.

No 7. A real man makes his own fortune.

A real men doesn't satisfied with free hand-out from charity. They spitted on lady luck and fight for their own fortune. If his papa gave him fortune, he will makes it 10 times more. 

No 8. A real man doesn't look like a woman.

No long hairs, no ear piercing and sparkling accessories on his body. He kept his hair short and smart. And his appearance clean and tidy. Aside of his barber, all of his personal hygiene need to be taken care by women.

No 9. A real man doesn't play blame and excuses.

If he make a mistake, he waste no time for excuses, ready for punishment and will take it like a men. If shits occurred, he ain't no playing blame game with sissies and kick start for solution.

No 10. A real man can defend himself.

He do not hide on other backside. Whether verbally or physically, he could defend himself just fine.

So hard to become a men ain't it? Seriously, it is hard to find man with such criteria nowadays. Perhaps it is because of cultural changes and assimilation. Perhaps, women today was stronger and need no men to one-man-show already. Well, maybe world today do not need men to achieve such criteria already..

But I still think, such criteria very cool. Hope in time, I will slowly achieve all 10 of above said criteria.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mag Shi : Portrait Album @ Lake Garden

Finally I had done it !

It was one of my goal to shoot a portrait photography of my uni friends before I graduate.

Being a no profile and totally newbie photog, convincing someone to work with me as a model is difficult. But thanks to a good pretty friend of mine. MagShi, she placed a great trust on me and mine work and hence agreed to become my subject of portrait shooting.

I said before, every photographer had their signature. It mean it is unique and others could spot his work by just looking on it. And I believe too, that I have my own signature or style in photography that no others could produce the same.

It is somewhere and I could not find it yet. Until I slowly discovered it from working on Mag Shi portrait.

I have been working and trying out different style in portrait presentation like flare effect on background.

A vintage style photography

As well as dreamy / soft tone style

In ideal photography aspect, those style above was actually run off from its actual white balance. Tweaking of color tone, color temperature and the RGB curves will most probably deviate further from the actual original color.

Talking about my style, I was actually preferred a photo with the correct white balance and sharp color contrast without much effect.

But, I do know this kind of photo without effects was darn boring sometimes. And it might lost the 'feel' element which is one of the most important part in the photo.

Hence I learnt the importance of style like B&W, Vintage, Lomo, ambient and etc which could work very well in covering flaws too. Nonetheless, I am still a big fan of correct white balance with perfect color tuning photos.

Ideal White balance, nice contrast, sharp, nice color and CLEAN without much alteration in color. Good as it is.

This was a very good experience and self discovery for me. And if you guys wish to followed my full work on MagShi portrait.

Here is the link SunShine Magshi | Holim@photography

I am a lucky guy to have this pretty model for my first portrait shooting and going to hunt my 2nd, 3rd and so on next. Hahaha, wish me luck !

Monday, October 10, 2011

Photo Newbie Dilemma.

Every Photographer have their unique style of shooting photos. Some prefer B&W, some Vintage and others prefer the color originality of the photo without doing much tweaking.

Each of em can be astonishing in its way.

Recently I am trying to shoot some serious portrait. Which mean, I will need a human model. Communication become very important as photographer and the model must sync and understand each other in order to pump story into the pictures. That is what others called it 'feel'.

I am a newbie in photography world. And have totally zero experience in portrait shooting. But I do have my own unique style of shooting and presenting my photos.

However, I am not a pro. People don't find me to take photograph, instead I have to do it otherwise. It is pretty normal for most of the newbie who do not yet earned their reputation.

But I faced a dilemma. And I think some newbie out there like me, facing the same problem too.

Question is, should we the newbie shoot and present the photo according to the model liking or follow our own style ?

Every photographer have their own unique style since they start their photography life. It was like a signature for them. But, newbie like me, am I qualified to talk about my style yet ?

I may don't know everything, but I do know, if we aimed to be like others, we will always be the second.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A table of warmth dishes.

Everyday I will race with bloody traffic jam in order to get home in time for a nice warmth dinner. I don't know since when I started to really love eating at home.

Or shall I say, I started to appreciate Mom's cook.

I had stayed away from home for several years due to study. Except for holiday, I rarely ate at home. Most of the time I will settle my meal outside with simple economic rice, noodles and Mamak Stall.

This final sem, I decided to stay at home and traveled to Uni everyday for study. And having dinner at home had become one of my habit already. Unless there are really important matter to hold me up, without second thought I will start racing with traffic to get a hold on a bowl of warmth rice.

Mom's cook is the best. Always.

The combination of dishes are different everyday. And not to mention it is extremely healthy to eat. Even at excessive amount. Now I start to understand why guy love to find a wife who could cook.

Cause I found the satisfaction of it. My class was ended mostly on 5 p.m. And sometime I will went for a swim in Uni. When I joined the traffic to go home, my stomach was seriously growling for foods.

When reached home, and rushed to kitchen to see a table full of tasty dishes. Can you imagine the bliss that I am having ?

Girls, I know now is modern era. Girls want to work too, don't wan stay at home cooking and raise children. But, sometime, a table of warmth dishes might be the most effective way to lock a husband heart.

Need to learn ya.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why should Man treats women better

I have always wondering, why female always trying so hard to fight for male-female equality. I had never give a deep thought of the actual reason why they were trying so hard to earn respect and status that usually enjoyed by male that without going through much effort.

After years of fighting and debating of equality, the world starting to acknowledge them. Hence, they come out with Ladies Night, Ladies Day, Ladies Power, Power Puff Girl and even Girl Friend Day ! and none heard of the same for male. Even train commuter allocate a special coach just for ladies and Jogoya always have special promotion for ladies  (don't they figure out that ladies ate more than guys actually ? duh) .

When we just take a fast glance on these facts, sometime I do think, I envy them.

So, it might be a nice thing to be a woman yo.

But, on a deep thought... being a women, is rather pity. (Not trying to discriminate women here)

Why ?

1. Men and women are both the same species called homo-sapien. But male is borne with genetic that allowed them to develop greater muscle's mass, physical strength and size compare to women. Hence it already determined that male would be a dominant type according to jungle law (Strong eat the weak).

2. Women have fix number of ovum in their ovari. Once their puberty began, the number of ovum start decreasing one by one until it finish. Which mean they had reached the menopause stage which is around 50+ years old. When a women had arrived at this stage, they will start to age very quickly. For men, they can keep on ejaculating tiny little tadpole till their very last breath. If male are still sexually strong enough at age of 80+, heck ! they could still impregnate women and breed another fleet of babies. 

3. Women have a short glorious / attractive period in their life time. As how our trend goes, women arrived at their most attractive period from 18-26. Which is only 8 years ! and after 26, their aging will sped up. This is the time where women usually will be so eager to marry and hence bugging their boy friend to marry them. For men, their glorious moment is unfairly long. It can start as early as 18 and last till 50+ !!! That is freaking 30 years ++ for god sake. I can easily pick few of 40's male artist which is still freaking hot and popular. Donnie Yen and Andy Lau is the selected few. Even Bruce Willis at the age of 50's will have young women dieing for him. But for women, after hitting 40's, it is a good bye bye. Most likely.

I like one of my friend's quote. "Men are very loyal. No matter how old they aged, they will still love the 18's babes."

4. In sex, men never loss anything. But women would. For country such as Malaysia, our culture still not that open and most of the male prefer virgin as their wife. But they wouldn't if their girl friends were not a virgin, but they would strongly preferred that their wife is a virgin. Facts, men loss nothing in sex, except for energy and sperm used which will be replenished anyway. It is hard to tell if a men had sex before. But for girl, it was hard for them to conceal the secret as damaged had done.

5. In birth, men only supply their sperms and women is the one that supply ALL the remaining necessity to the baby! The baby in their mother's womb suck all the rich nutrien from surrounding in order to grow. Not to mention that women will undergo a great pain when delivering their baby. I once saw a video that showed a mom giving birth. The doctor use a scissor to widen the opening by cutting the vulva (the vagina mouth) without anesthetic. Oh my... That's why it is not recommended that a women to undergo another pregnancy before resting well for at least a year.

6. Anyway, there is one thing that women can brag about. That is women tend to live longer than men. It is statistically proven worldwide.

However, it is a win for them ?

Hmm, for what I think it is a win for Men and a lose for women. Imagine that your live long partner had leave you alone for good. You have to start sleeping alone, eat your old men porridge alone and worst of all, crying for self-pity all alone in the room.

And the men, get to die in peace in your arm without going through loneliness. Sometime, live longer compare to other might not be good thing actually.

Maybe that is why women is so demanding. Well, I guess they deserved every right for that.