Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mag Shi : Portrait Album @ Lake Garden

Finally I had done it !

It was one of my goal to shoot a portrait photography of my uni friends before I graduate.

Being a no profile and totally newbie photog, convincing someone to work with me as a model is difficult. But thanks to a good pretty friend of mine. MagShi, she placed a great trust on me and mine work and hence agreed to become my subject of portrait shooting.

I said before, every photographer had their signature. It mean it is unique and others could spot his work by just looking on it. And I believe too, that I have my own signature or style in photography that no others could produce the same.

It is somewhere and I could not find it yet. Until I slowly discovered it from working on Mag Shi portrait.

I have been working and trying out different style in portrait presentation like flare effect on background.

A vintage style photography

As well as dreamy / soft tone style

In ideal photography aspect, those style above was actually run off from its actual white balance. Tweaking of color tone, color temperature and the RGB curves will most probably deviate further from the actual original color.

Talking about my style, I was actually preferred a photo with the correct white balance and sharp color contrast without much effect.

But, I do know this kind of photo without effects was darn boring sometimes. And it might lost the 'feel' element which is one of the most important part in the photo.

Hence I learnt the importance of style like B&W, Vintage, Lomo, ambient and etc which could work very well in covering flaws too. Nonetheless, I am still a big fan of correct white balance with perfect color tuning photos.

Ideal White balance, nice contrast, sharp, nice color and CLEAN without much alteration in color. Good as it is.

This was a very good experience and self discovery for me. And if you guys wish to followed my full work on MagShi portrait.

Here is the link SunShine Magshi | Holim@photography

I am a lucky guy to have this pretty model for my first portrait shooting and going to hunt my 2nd, 3rd and so on next. Hahaha, wish me luck !

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