Monday, October 10, 2011

Photo Newbie Dilemma.

Every Photographer have their unique style of shooting photos. Some prefer B&W, some Vintage and others prefer the color originality of the photo without doing much tweaking.

Each of em can be astonishing in its way.

Recently I am trying to shoot some serious portrait. Which mean, I will need a human model. Communication become very important as photographer and the model must sync and understand each other in order to pump story into the pictures. That is what others called it 'feel'.

I am a newbie in photography world. And have totally zero experience in portrait shooting. But I do have my own unique style of shooting and presenting my photos.

However, I am not a pro. People don't find me to take photograph, instead I have to do it otherwise. It is pretty normal for most of the newbie who do not yet earned their reputation.

But I faced a dilemma. And I think some newbie out there like me, facing the same problem too.

Question is, should we the newbie shoot and present the photo according to the model liking or follow our own style ?

Every photographer have their own unique style since they start their photography life. It was like a signature for them. But, newbie like me, am I qualified to talk about my style yet ?

I may don't know everything, but I do know, if we aimed to be like others, we will always be the second.


MoonmooN_86 said...

well, seriously for me, everyone have their own style, own liking, own feeling & long as you are happi with it...then jiu ok la..if care so will be not you..not your originality and if you realized...its hard to please everyone so y not please yourself 1st? =) of course you will be improve as well with plp's comment and learning from experience and its will happen rush? hehe...hope u wont feel i'm too long winded! nites!

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