Friday, October 28, 2011

Cameron Highland escapade

There is a saying,

It is now, or Never

my final sem was half-gone and soon I will be facing unimaginable crazy shits ahead. So, meanwhile there is still some time to waste and spare money to flush,

Here we went, Cameron Highland Malaysia.

To reach here, we had went through almost an hour of dizziness driving up the curvy hills. But it was definitely worth it at the end when the cool breeze of clean air blow through our skins.

I would recommend that before reaching Tanah Rata try to make a stop at the famous LATAR ISKANDAR waterfall. After hour of dizziness journey up the hills, you will definitely would love to wash your face with icy cool water fresh from the hill itself.

But if you are heading to Cameron Highland from north using Simpang Pulai road, then you would not pass-by this waterfall on your journey. As I am coming from south, it is a sure bypass attraction spot.

Do try the fried banana that sold by hawker stall along side the road. It was so crunchy and thick.

Because it was raining season now, we were facing inconsistent whether throughout our journey. Rain and Sun seems to become a really good friends because it can be rainy few minutes and then hot afterward. This trend keep on alternating throughout days.

The first place we visited Cameron Highland was the Boh Tea Plantation.

Compared to Borath Tea Plantation, I would say this is a lot tougher to reach. The road was tight and a lot of sharp corners which are extremely dangerous. You will need to horn all the way up each time you reaching a corner to signaled the incoming cars from opposite direction.

And we need to do a little climbing as well.

After a long hike, treat yourself with a nice cup of red tea. Do order slices of cakes especially the Banana-Carrot Cakes as it goes very well with the hot red tea while enjoying the great view of Cameron.

Try to imagine yourself as a noble enjoying great tea time with your high-class friends on top of a hill. Haha, It is fun.

Cameron Highland is all about Veges, Tea, Fruits and scenery. Almost all of the attraction spot will offered the same thing. Well, do not get disappointed by it because this is what Cameron is about.

The place to eat steamboat will be non other than Cameron Highland. Of course, Genting Highland could be the alternative as the weather is cold as well. But does it provides fresher veges than Cameron ? No

Big, fat and crunchy veges along with sweet soup base in an icy cold weather... I can't describe enough with words alone. You gotta try it yourself.

If you are having enough with City Life and hopes to escape to some place that is peace with great scenery. Cameron would be my highest recommendation.

I think I said before last time, that I will build a Vila some day in future on top of Cameron Highland Hill and live there for the rest of my life after I retire.

Who have the same thinking like me ? Hahaha

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