Wednesday, November 2, 2011

USA or New Zealand ?

Recently I have put a lot of attention in this Work & Travel program that I believe is pretty popular among varsities students.

Taking off few months at oversea before jumping yourself fully in your career and enjoy a free life on a stranger land.

I have never went to New Zealand but its amusing tales had reached my ear all the while. I always wanted to try to live in a place where its scenery was like story-tales. Too beautiful to be described by words.

Hence my chances are here. I am glad that Work & Travel program got covered New Zealand region too. So, being a little afraid of going alone, I start to recruit friends.

And most of em are prefer to USA and if not, not interested at all. Some say, New Zealand is too small and some say USA have more place to travel.

What they say is correct. New Zealand is a country that have it size almost equivalent to Malaysia. Perhaps its attraction spot is far lesser than USA.

But my heart tell me to go for New Zealand. As the tales I heard from people came back from New Zealand were so fantastic and I could truly see their agitated emotion when describing their journey.

For that, I knew it is not USA but New Zealand that I would like to set my foot for months. It is okay that it is a small country which lack of technology advancement. I just want to live once in a place that truly preserved their environment and drank the freshest milk in the world right there.


CapricornenTA said...

if i were you, USA not in my list at all. Europe is the best. second is new zealand.

LEe YiN said...

wanna join with my friend? but our plan is October la.. Cuz that period is Spring and Summer. :) Actually wanted to go on April. but the season not ngam!! We want to be a fruit picker if can~ haha! somemore can save more $$$ then only pergi nz. not bad also.. so u think think la..haha

Ming Zhang said...

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