Thursday, November 10, 2011

Financial Freedom I ?

One Week ago, I had read upon a book written by Robert Kiyosaki.

It was interesting and managed to almost finish it in a day. But I left few pages more for the next day cause I was sleepy that time.

This book really gave me a big slap on my brain-face and it made me  to start thinking of my future.

Ever heard of financial freedom ?

LOL, on first thought it sound like someone got so broke that he owned not a single dime.

Haha, but really, it mean one have achieve a level of life that enable him to stop working for money and have totally no worry about his financial status.

But who really know how to achieve that ?

I have been thinking of this for a time and I have google for the solution and had been asking opinion on people senior than me like my uncle.

I had enlightened a lot but it is not enough as still do not get the answer I want. The journey of answer seeking will continue and I shall share my finding with all of you.

meanwhile, bye.

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