Monday, November 7, 2011

An English Name

Feel like naming myself an English name.

Actually have this thought in mind for a long time but just don't know where to start. Having an English name will be easier for people to remember my name upon first introduction.

Often I have to repeat my name twice every time I met new people. Though people will soon familiar with my name but without doubt it is hard to memorize at first.

Hence, before I start stepping out to work or ending myself in new environment and meeting new people, I guess I would need to make up my mind to start using an English name.

How Jonathan sound ?


Jyphoon said...

Sounds familiar. Reminds me of John, a batch junior than ours.

LEe YiN said...

dun laaaa jonathon is one of our junior. >.< U call Ben la...then will be "Ben Tan"..NICE!!! XDDDDDDDDDDD

Ming Zhang said...

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