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Xiaxang- Meihu Chun (The rest 9 days)

Sorry for the late post.. I have been strugling this few days to complete this post. Long post yet fun to read is indeed a very challenging work. Please bare with my poor vocab and grammar ya.. haha
this will be another super long post.. grab a snack and enjoy ya

The first 11 days in Penang had passed. We were on our way to Meihu chun by a bus. I stay awake along the journey. Witnessing the change of view and environment. Tall buildings and high bridges slowly loss in sight. More trees and hills were in sight. When I saw ocean, I knew that we were near. Just as I predicted, we has arrived... GERTAK SANGUL VILLAGE.. Meihu Chun.

MeiHu village is a small village.. there is only one main road connecting the village with outside world.. But it is a very nice village. Located at seaside and have hills surrounding it. Like in chinese's phrase.. "you shan you shui" . . Well, being a small village, it is lack of facilities. There is only one primary school over there. For those that need to persuit higher education, they will need to travel out from that village to study.

Anyway, our bus stop at that particular elementary school called SJK (c) POI LENG. This school is our main concern. Most of our programme is focus on the childrens studying inside this school. We will gather there everyday, organizing activity/ events, tutoring homework, and run our daily meeting. To our surprise, the school is not as old as we thought. It look brand new and nice. The school has just rebuild and expend.. according to the villagers, the school took 10 years to raise sufficient fund to rebuilt it.. because lack of state goverment support, they have to collect money from various ways.. At last, dream come true and the school is rebuilt.. Their old school is closed but yet to be tear down. I saw it myself... its condition was so poor and dirty.. and just located beside a pig's farm. Imagine smelling poop odour everyday.. study, recess.... wow.. *faint*

Everyone of us waiting at that school to wait for our foster family.. Kids there were hyper active. They were so friendly and in no time we start playing with them. Kenny is such a spotlight for kids.. kids start to crowd him. haha, he really enjoy lo.. Well, Shi Jian will be my new housemate for 9 day.. we were placed in the same foster family.. he is a very talented and nice guy. With his superior skill in drawing, he drew countless of outstanding backdrop and banner. And his creative mural's paint get a good comment from that school principal.

Finally, we saw our foster family. At first, I was shy to call them 'keh ba, and keh ma'.. I called them uncle and aunty for several day.. haha. I live in a big family which consist of grandma, grandpa, foster father and mother, their two sons and one daughter. Have some similiarity with my family. My foster family own a fruits farm and do fishing for living. I am such a lucky guy because my family own 80 durian trees... WOOHOOO ! For years I never eat durian, and for this entire 9 days.. one thing for sure, I will phobia to durians for month to come.. haha..

We receive a warm welcome when we first arrive at home.. when we done unloading our luggage in our room, we were called to eat their own grow durians.. wow, happy ! there was a big basket of durians. Our foster uncle choose the best and rip it off.. we ate , ate and ate.. so fleshy, so tasty, and so satisfying.. we ate till full. Our foster uncle keep on opening new durians till we insisted to stop.. hahaha.. what a great lunch..

Wait, that is not the lunch -.-"

Right after we ate the durians.. our foster mother called us to eat lunch.. hahahaha.. Ahh, quite surprise actually.. though we were full, but skipping that meal is not a good option because it is their 'sam yi' to prepare delicious lunch for us.. Wow, there were so many dishs on the table.. and it is delicious. We are so full. Omg, I shall be gaining kilos in this 9 days.. hahaha. Days to come.. we are having generous portions of meal for our lunch and dinner. With at least 8 dishs and one soup... *cry* how I miss my foster family.. hehe

At the very first day, my foster father brought shi jian and me to visit his fruit's farm. Its really open my eyes.. I saw lot of fruit's plant and bird'nest house. And he brought us to the top of the hill to witness a magnificient scenery.

At noon we head back to the school to run our rehearsal. Tonight we will having an opening ceremony. Kids around there were very helpful. They help us to clean class room and moving tables around. However they were too active and hard to control. Omg, tomorrow kexin and I will be running an activity called 'ice breaking'.

At night, everyone have their role to play. And me too, have plenty of stuffs to take care.. At first, I will be a camera man, capturing photos every where and later I will get on stage with my hip-hop gang to perform ! haha. There were few performance to show such as traditional fan's dance, chinese yoyo and etc.. Well, everything is going well that night and we are all very happy and enjoy. During that opening ceremony, we had sang Um's song... For the very first time, I feel proud when sang the song out. Feel proud that I am doing community service under Um's name. All of us sang that song loudly with our fist holding tight close to our chest. Proud that I am UM's student...

Shi Jian and I were walking back together around 11 pm if not mistaken. It is so peaceful at night with sound of pounding waves accompaniment. It take around 10 minutes of slow walk to reach our house. Our foster family was yet to sleep. Waiting us home. Once we reached, again, they offer us durians.. hahaha.. We are really hungry that time after gone through the tiring day.. Haih, having durian as supper is really fat lo.. fat sei wo lo... XO
Have a good sleep and our first day of xiaxang has come to an end..

2nd day

The sound of pounding waves and early birds lullaby were really sedative.. Causing shi jian and me have a hard time to wake. That night is my most comfortable sleep since I had land my foot in penang. Anyway, we woke up and took our breakfast prepared by foster mother. Mmmm, they made their own breads.. and it is very good ! Gardenia , Hi-5 and whatover brand could close down their business adi..

After having a hearty breakfast, we were leaving to school. Today we will run our first programme which is 'da sau chu' (gotong-royong). The unlucky ah quinn, kenny, frederick and me get a task to clean the basketball court. The suns is so HOT, with a pig farm located beside... this is really SHIT!!! .. aw... the smell of pig's shit.. haha.. Pity some kids that have to help us there. Bathing in sun's ray with shit's odour for hours..

This programme ran till 12 pm.. and starting at 2pm, Kexin and I will conduct an ice breaking programme for the kids and our members. Well, to be honest, the programme is not running well. A lot of early prediction seem false.. Time prediction especially really toast up.. but, with the help of few good friends, the programme is run smoothly and finally meet the time constraint. *Sigh* ....

At night, we were having a 'da xie hui' (party la) which required villager's help to sponsor some foods . All the foods will be combined and eat together. Happy moment indeed end fast and is time for daily post mortem. I knew, I will be blast up to heaven for making a flaw in ice-breaking. Indeed I am right. One by one stood up and bombard me hard. Well, I try not to become so defensive and keep their comments deep in my heart and thought.. anyway.. I am happy because this is my first time organizing such an event. I learn alot and I am enjoyed ! ^_^

Here by, my 2nd day has end...

3rd day

Today is a disaster for me.. today programme is homework tutoring. At first I am required to tutor english language to standard one students.. but plan change at last minute and I have been changed to teach standard five english ! Argh.. hell... My nightmare come when I am required to include those 'past tense, past continuous, future countinuous tense' in their syllabus. Swt.. Without any sufficient preparation time, I had done miserably.. English language is such a boring subject to be taught.. I even bored myself.. Tutoring around 8 standard 5 students for one hour is really killing me... argh...! Why english ler????

On the 5th day night, we will be having a camp fire + bbq event. We plan to make it BIG! Therefore we need tonnes of woods. Luckily my foster father owned a fruit's farm.. hell yea, there were plenty of dry and crunchy woods supply. My kind foster father help us to chop the woods with his chain's saw and use his 4 wheeler to drive down the woods. Chain's saw is making our life easier.. I still remember my last time camping which I had hurt my palm when I chopping woods.. Tonight will be our first trial.. we try on Kenny's idea on how to do some gimmick during the fire camp opening ceremony. At first, we play with kerosine.. and found out that it burn real slow.. so we decided to use petrol which is alot cheaper and burn vigorously! Fun!

Oya... I driving motorcycle over there which only required 5 minutes to learn.. Motorcycle is so easy ler.. and FUN! Borrow motorcycle from my kehma and ride happily ever after weeee...

4th day

Frankly, I forget d what we have been doing on this day. Hmm, if not mistaken, we should be doing some publicity work geh.. Distributing kara-ok and maraton fliers from house to house. And at night, we continue our fire camp trial . Playing with more petrol and kerosine.. hehe. Tomorrow will be a very interesting day. At morning, Quinn and lee fang will conduct a 'life's camp' / 'shen ho ying'. And at night, Kenny, Junyen and I will ready the camp fire.

5th day

Kids were very punctual as usual. Their dedication is worth to be praise.. To be honest, I never punctual .. hahaha. Ah Quinn and Lee fang were doing a very good job. The kids were enjoyed and happy. Though the day is unnaturally hot, but the kids still pretty enjoy..

Finally the night came, Kenny, Junyen and I were already set up the woods an hour ealier. This event took place at a beach. Now waiting the school's headmaster to ignite the opening ceremony. We have build a large fire camp and place woods with cloths surrounding it.. making it an '@' shape.. Fire will be lit up at one end and then it will spread along the path that we had set and finally it will lit up the fire camp... Of course, it required plenty of fuel to do that.. in this case, we had used 3 litre of petrol to perform this trick. We even placed ample of petrol below the fire camp to make it burn vigorously.. hehehe.

Along with that, we have make an bbq dinner and place PA system over there. Blasting music around while enjoy bbq-ing chicken wings is so fun.. The winds from sea is so refreshing. I am missing that night now.. Indeed, it was the most successful day of Xiaxang.. Everyone is happy especially the kids.. We sang song together, crack jokes and photo snapping till late at night. And finally with heavy heart, we called it a day. Wow, what a wonderful night.

6th day

Our Xiaxang duration is going to meet the end.. Today, our programme was lightier.. I was helping to key-in book's data for their small library.. While others were painting wall's mural and etc.. The day is still as hot as ever. Never seen the rain for few days.

Afternoon, a group of people who are representating church will come to our school to run some performance. They said that their motive is to enlighten those kids with valuable lessons. Some of the parents doubt their motive and suspect that they were actually trying to spread their religion among the kids. But the group said that they were not here to spread religion.. so they said..

They were good at catching kids attention. Kids seem like their performance.. However when all of their songs that they ask us to sing along sound like 'jesus love me' bla bla bla.. All of us (the comittee) starting to worry.. worry that they really were spreading their religion among the kids. Not that we have anything against christian.. but the school at the first place was not allowing this kind of event.. Most of the parents were strongly against it.. However, they do not overdo their motive and luckily parents were not around.

At night, this particular group will performing their final performance. Now, alot of kids and parents were there. They sang very well. They wrote their own songs which is quite nice. Then they try to sell their album to us.. saying that they were raising fund to continue their objective. All the night, they were keep on saying how jesus love u and so on.. and they told us lot of stories that related with christian. Our nightmare start to knock our door when they ask us to close our eyes, and said that who ever interested to join christian should raise up their hand.. they already brought along a pastor .. parents at outside seem 'beh song'.. I had close my eyes.. so I did not know who had raise up their hand. But other told me that almost all of the kids were raising up their hand except our comittee members. I ask kids around me whether do they understand what they were saying. The kids did not understand.. they raise up their hand because this is what they used to do when teacher ask questions in class and following majority. Not that I had anything against religion, but spreading religion among kids who still cant think rationally yet is wrong.

Parents keep on asking is this under UM's xiaxang programme? Of course no! Some of them already furious. But thing is under control at last.

Anyway, tomorrow will be a very exciting day. Marathon at morning, and Kara-ok at night.. yesh!

7th day

32 of commitee in total had divided to several partition. Some will take care of stations, some will become first aid-er, and some will participate in the competition. There were 3 categories in total. First is std 1-3, second is 4-6, and the third is open category.. I had joined the open category and succesfully get 6th place out of 17 contesters.. Not bad la.. hahaha..

At night, there was a kara-ok programme. Well, this programme is mean to entertain villagers and children over there. So, I never expect to enjoy the event. Just as I thought, old songs and childhood songs were sang.. but the audience were pretty enjoy especially when some old 'ah pek' sang their favourite 70's . . . Leeyin, deng hao and village's chief were the judge. When the event end, leeyin and deng hao show off their skill. Wow, if both of them have participate in, others don need sing adi lo.. lol.

8th day

Such a long post, I am getting boring-er writing this blog d.. argh!

The 8th day... We get up early in the morning to hike the hill. A big gang of us lead by village's chief were tracking the hill. Along the way we saw plenty of durians. Durians were just hanging above our head. According to Quinn's theory, he said that durian had eyes.. it won't drop on human head. Don't know true or not but wearing a motorcycle's helmet to hike the hill is a big NONO. According to the village's chief, we could walk to balik pulau by crossing this hill. but we don't intend to do so because we'll travel back the way like how we came.. so, we try not to do crazy thing like crossing the entire hill.. haha.. We stop some where and we did bad thing. Durians over there were other people's property.. but we curi curi open some to eat.. thanks to Junyen's meat cleaver..never thought that he will brought that along.. hahaha.

Tonight, we'll be helding a closing ceremony.. Because today is our last night in Meihu Chun.. Of course, we have prepare some performance for them. At noon, we did our final practice and rehearsal.

Night came.. and as usual, we invite VIP to seat and ready the stage. Tonight, I will be involved in a sketch. The story of this sketch is very lame, but funny! With Quinn playing the roll of 'crayon sin chan', me as 'Ju 9 jie', Kenny as 'superman', Junyen as 'AQUA'.. and the list go on. It is so damn fun when I help quinn to make-up.. And the result is beyond imaginable.. he definitely not look like sinchan, but rather look like a perverted japanese ah pek !.. Hmm, maybe this is how Sinchan look like when he grown up someday... haha

When we sang the ending songs for Xiaxang.. everyone start to wet their eyes.. knowing that the end was near.. all of our effort had pay off. We met our own foster family and delivering our best wishes and appreciation. We took countless of pictures together. I wish that we would have more time at this beautiful village. Having hectic life everyday cause us to not fully enjoy the beauty of this village. This night, we had to stay till very late because it is our responsibility to rearrange the class room just like the day we step in. Boys and girls helping each other out. Doing work with great passion and smile.. knowing that this is our last time doing stuffs together.

Shi Jian and I went back to home. As usual we were offered durians again.. but the clock was hitting 2 already.. so we refused. Tomorrow morning, my foster mother will bring Shi Jian and me tour around penang.. Yea . . at 4 PM, everyone of us will required to gather at school with all of our belonging, because we will be leaving.

Final day

Woke up at 8 am and enjoy my last breakfast at Meihu.. We depart at 9.30 am. First destination is snake temple .
Well, it ain't much of snake over there. There was a guy who breed a big anakonda. Rm10 to catch a photo with it.. Wow.. expensive neh..

Next stop, we going to a mall called 'GIANT'. Keh ma said that cendol there is very good. So we try. Indeed it is very good. So tasty le..

Then we went to a aqua's world. A lot of marines could be view.. Just like water world in Langkawi. Just that this is lot cheaper.

And last stop.. a war museum.. But it required rm15 entree fees. Because shi jian and I were paiseh to let our kehma to fork out any more money, we said we ain't interest to go in. Keh ma already buy us ample of souvenir to be brought back to our hometown.. So, we headed back to home to eat lunch. As we arrived at home, I took a nap in room. But not long, I woke up by kids there. Yu yan, a little girl borrowed my phone to snap picture every way..

then she showed me what she took.. photo of the front house, photo of herself, photos of kehma and etc. She said that this pictures will make me remember them. That moment, I start to wet my eyes.. but just wet la.. haha.. Heavy heart... Grandma gave us an 'angpao'... wao.. Touched..

Time came and kehma bring shi jian and me to school. Kids were crowding over there and gave their good-bye wave when our bus was leaving..

So, finally Xiaxang end.. !

But, not for 9 of us.. we were not leaving Penang yet.. hehe

We will going to Pulau Jerajak next day on 10th ! About that trip.. Blog later la.. tired.. Xp

Friday, June 12, 2009

Xiaxang - MeiHu Chun.. (the first 11day)

Back to Kl yesterday after 3 weeks of attending Xiaxang's programme at Penang.

Miss, miss, miss . . .

Miss the village, miss the childrens, miss my adopted family, miss the hectic day and most importantly, miss my fellow friends..

Xiaxang is a very meaningful programme. It is about a group of Uni students trying their very best to do comunity service at any selected village which need help. Trying to expose outside world to the kids in village and told them about the importance of education and to inspire them to enter the best university in this country.. UM !

My holiday is dull and grey until I depart for this programme. Took 5 hour bus to Penang island and met with lotsa of new friends. At first, everyone is still ' icy cold'. 10th coll stick to their own gang, 2nd with theirs and the list go on. But not for long after the first 3 day of 'ice breaking' activites. Ice had melt and everybody could memorized others names. For the first 11 days.. we will live some where in Penang to do our preparation before heading to village for the rest 9 days.

32 peoples in total living under a same roof. We eat together, we sleep together, and we play together.. sooner or later, everyone has become so close that as we has known each other for years...

Inroll in 'sukan & rekreasi' department. Work together with Kexin to organize an 'ice-breaking' event on the 2nd day in MeiHu village. Headaching trying to understand children's mind, for us to create and apply some games that suit their age and understanding.

For the very first time, I dance hip-hop... with only 3 day of training. Fred is a great trainer, trying his best to guide Quinn, Junyen, Kenny and me to become perform-able during that opening ceremony.. Fun, fun, fun...
And for the very first time, I act in sketch.. holding a character of 'ju 9 jie' ... hahaha.. Everyday was fun.. though filled with practice and preparation.. At daylight.. I need to prepare for 'ice breaking' event when Xiaxang, at night, I need to practice for dance and sketch.. tired, but enjoy.

Friends, friends and more friends.. I knew alot of new friends over there. HongYuh from medic fac is so funny, zi chong from EE is such a joker which out beat Quinn and never knew that 2nd college is filled with lengluiz.... It is fun when we were spreading rumor about potential couple around.. haha. For boys over there. Dota is the international language.. Talking about 'skill, skill and skill' every time.

For what I think.. to those who involve in Xiaxang programme is a great people. This are those people who ready to devote their heart to help the children in some village which they do not know. Trap in a house with 32 peoples for 11 days.. is not an easy life..even for girls, sleeping on hard solid floor is unavoid-able. I have a great respect to anyone of you.. proud to know you all.

From there, I discovered that food in Penang is really cheap! any meal which cost more than rm3 is consider expensive.. For a single serving of mee or rice.. it only cost about rm2.50 at average.. Cheap. The interesting part is, playing arcade there is crazy! rm4 per hour. By just paying rm4, you could play daytona for hour! Of course there were other games like time crisis and basketball machine.. crazy man... this is insanely cheap. But weird, not much people playing in it.. maybe because they play till fade up d.

Though we work day and night.. we still could find some free time to went out together for movies.. We watched Terminator and 'Night at the museum 2' !.. Never thought that I could watch them at Penang when both of the movie were freshly released.

When the 11 days of preparation were almost met the end, I am very eager and anxious to meet my adopted family. Most of the preparation were done.. we even had done several times of rehearsal.

So, here we are... the 11th day of preparation camp... 1-6-2009... Mark the first day of adventure and challenges.. Gertak Sanggul here we COME !

To be continue... Stay tune ^^