Friday, June 12, 2009

Xiaxang - MeiHu Chun.. (the first 11day)

Back to Kl yesterday after 3 weeks of attending Xiaxang's programme at Penang.

Miss, miss, miss . . .

Miss the village, miss the childrens, miss my adopted family, miss the hectic day and most importantly, miss my fellow friends..

Xiaxang is a very meaningful programme. It is about a group of Uni students trying their very best to do comunity service at any selected village which need help. Trying to expose outside world to the kids in village and told them about the importance of education and to inspire them to enter the best university in this country.. UM !

My holiday is dull and grey until I depart for this programme. Took 5 hour bus to Penang island and met with lotsa of new friends. At first, everyone is still ' icy cold'. 10th coll stick to their own gang, 2nd with theirs and the list go on. But not for long after the first 3 day of 'ice breaking' activites. Ice had melt and everybody could memorized others names. For the first 11 days.. we will live some where in Penang to do our preparation before heading to village for the rest 9 days.

32 peoples in total living under a same roof. We eat together, we sleep together, and we play together.. sooner or later, everyone has become so close that as we has known each other for years...

Inroll in 'sukan & rekreasi' department. Work together with Kexin to organize an 'ice-breaking' event on the 2nd day in MeiHu village. Headaching trying to understand children's mind, for us to create and apply some games that suit their age and understanding.

For the very first time, I dance hip-hop... with only 3 day of training. Fred is a great trainer, trying his best to guide Quinn, Junyen, Kenny and me to become perform-able during that opening ceremony.. Fun, fun, fun...
And for the very first time, I act in sketch.. holding a character of 'ju 9 jie' ... hahaha.. Everyday was fun.. though filled with practice and preparation.. At daylight.. I need to prepare for 'ice breaking' event when Xiaxang, at night, I need to practice for dance and sketch.. tired, but enjoy.

Friends, friends and more friends.. I knew alot of new friends over there. HongYuh from medic fac is so funny, zi chong from EE is such a joker which out beat Quinn and never knew that 2nd college is filled with lengluiz.... It is fun when we were spreading rumor about potential couple around.. haha. For boys over there. Dota is the international language.. Talking about 'skill, skill and skill' every time.

For what I think.. to those who involve in Xiaxang programme is a great people. This are those people who ready to devote their heart to help the children in some village which they do not know. Trap in a house with 32 peoples for 11 days.. is not an easy life..even for girls, sleeping on hard solid floor is unavoid-able. I have a great respect to anyone of you.. proud to know you all.

From there, I discovered that food in Penang is really cheap! any meal which cost more than rm3 is consider expensive.. For a single serving of mee or rice.. it only cost about rm2.50 at average.. Cheap. The interesting part is, playing arcade there is crazy! rm4 per hour. By just paying rm4, you could play daytona for hour! Of course there were other games like time crisis and basketball machine.. crazy man... this is insanely cheap. But weird, not much people playing in it.. maybe because they play till fade up d.

Though we work day and night.. we still could find some free time to went out together for movies.. We watched Terminator and 'Night at the museum 2' !.. Never thought that I could watch them at Penang when both of the movie were freshly released.

When the 11 days of preparation were almost met the end, I am very eager and anxious to meet my adopted family. Most of the preparation were done.. we even had done several times of rehearsal.

So, here we are... the 11th day of preparation camp... 1-6-2009... Mark the first day of adventure and challenges.. Gertak Sanggul here we COME !

To be continue... Stay tune ^^

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xuan said...

we also same with u all last year..38 people sleep in a house, sleep on a hard solid floor.. but..really is a unforgottable memory.. xia xiang yi ji ban..very happy to see your photo.. remind us again the sweet memory..