Monday, May 18, 2009

Primary school's bash.. SKKB

Today I have step my feet on a ground which I have last stepped since 9 years ago. That place is where I started to make friends from variety of races and place where I being forced to wake up at 5.30 am every morning. That place is .. SKKB, my primary school.

Yesterday, when I was watching drama, I get a sudden notification from my old friends kah yean, about tomorrow gathering at primary school. Wow, soooo last minute. However, since so long d I never met with my primary's school friends, I am looking forward for this. I able to pull along two of my friends, chee hoe and wanyi which are skkb's baby too.. All together, 6 of us stepped in the school today.

chee hoe, patrick lim, Me, Kahyean, SimTeng, Wanyi

SKKB. My primary school. I came from a very small school. Its capacity of students was only 200-300 in total. Most of the students is malay and so were the teachers. Despite that my school is poor and unknown.. I am still proud of it because it successfully provide me a proper education which would not less than any primary schools in this country. Teachers there were great. One of my favourite teacher is Pn.Tham. After I graduate from that school, her name and face was still hang in my heart. I am so sorry that I have been lost in-touch with this great teacher after I stepped my foot in secondary school. Today, I am glad that she still could recognize me.

So coincidence that today is Teacher's day. None of us knew that today our dearly primary school will celebrate teacher's day today. We are so lucky indeed. At first, I afraid that teachers would be busy with their classes. But today we have all the time in the world to chat with them.. recalling our past nine years history and stories. *sob*

So many kids were around.. Running here and there. And all of them were so small. After nine years, I saw improvement in the school. There is computer's lab already, and stone wall were built to replace the wired fence. Well, at least government is doing something. However the number of students is still small. Guess that nowadays people are getting richer and only allow their kids to study in famous school.

Lady in purple's kebaya.. is my favourite teacher.. and the teacher beside me is En.Kholi. He is very 'peramah' and kind..
To my surprise.. before we (the 88 baby) leave the primary school.. we have break something. And this have make the whole school shocked about it. 12 of the UPSR students.. which is including 6 of us.. have score straight A .. I know, all of you might said, what is so big deal about it? My school got 30-50 straight As la...
Well, like I said, my school is a very small school. During that time, total number of UPSR students were only 30-40. And 12 people scoring straight As.. have break the school record which is never been done before.. And for the appreciation.. Everyone of us get rm50.. haha.. I know it is very little.. well, forking out RM600 is the best our school can do.. we don't grunt about it.. lolx... Today I found out that, since we left.. there are no one yet, could break our record. 89,90,91 and so on.. Wow.... we 88's is really something ya.. proud of it..

Back to our class room.. the table is so small and low.. hahaha.. nostalgia.. rush into my mind.. Chee hoe left early... Left 5 of us. After saying good bye to teachers.. we hunt places to yamcha and chat. Some of them I have never seen in 2-3 years..

Wanyi(in Um also), Kahyean(future accountant/auditor), simteng(advertisement designer)

Patrick.. same with kah yean

Next year.. will be one decade since we graduate from primary school. Haha, according to Kah yean, she had promise Pn. Tham that she will gather more army, ooopss.. 88's baby and pay a grand visit to this school once again.. Stay tune teachers..

Ps : Hey, Pn.Tham . . if there is any chance for you to read my blog.. I am still keeping toward my promises . 2020, I will treat you a great feast at LOK FOK.. hope it still running la.. haha..

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