Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bit spices of Working Life

After seasoned for a year and plus a little bit extra, fighting my own battle in this enormous battlefield of corporate world, I started to taste some spices of this mysterious corporate world. Every year, there will be this one particular day where people will get all mix-emotion thingy.

What else’s if it is not during the time when the company was supposed to announce increment and adjustment of individual payroll? This is the time to know best, “Are you been a valuable asset to your Company?” Or you are just “like many who are insignificant to your company vision and core business, and because disposing you will be cost too much, so.... maintaining your pay might be the cheapest thing to do”

For what I believe, the action and reaction are the most honest answer. If your salary didn't get revised/increased, that would probably mean that you are off from the right track in company. That would also mean that whatever efforts you have put in the past one year, may not seem significant to your company vision (provided that you are not slacking off jobs). Which in crueler word, you might be the expendable one.

Don’t get me wrong about this, I am not saying that people who is not entitled to raise/promotion is not good enough. What I mean is that the right people might be in the wrong place. Just like asking Michael Schumacher to change Tyre instead of helming the cockpit.  

If this is the case, what would be your next move? Would you negotiate with your boss and resort to resign as ultimatum? Or would you put yourself low enough to beg your bosses and bombarded him with all sort of difficulties and inflation you are facing? Or are you the one who really know your true worthiness and decided to put it in other place?

Ah! I leave out one important move, which is most recommended by the employers. Work extra harder, prove your worthiness and try again next year. For people that have been work like bull and upon receiving this feedback, I am sure they will take it as an insult more to an advice. Thing is, if one have been work like bull throughout the year, and have decided to double the bull-eh for another year which turn out to be another disappointment, one could imagine sort of psychology and mentality damage it could inflict.

For what I think, salary increment/adjustment is the only way to gauge your future in this company. One can work like bull and superman, but if all the efforts were pour in area which is not within company’s core business per Se  the boss will not really going to care that much. Which mean, a coffee/office boy can cut the paper, post the mail, make coffee and prepare files thrice as fast, but at the end of the day, he might not get a fair share of increment just because his efforts were not significant in bringing money on the table.

This is one of the time, where you have to stand up and fight for you future. This is a big and will be a long dreaded war for everyone. And in war, there is no fair and square. Like the famous saying from ‘God Father’, it is just business and nothing personal.

One can’t blame the boss for not increasing your salary. He got an account to watch and he will always try his best to keep the payroll minimum while increasing the revenue for the company. It is his job to do so. As obvious as it may look like, the boss is fighting his own battle too. So there is nothing personal. So, if you are really a key person in the company, he would definitely offer you an increment/ adjustment/promotion without fail every year even in difficult time, just to secure you in the company.

For my case, very soon enough I will know my position in company. I have been thinking a lot lately, mostly about my performance in the past one year. Well, my next move would be a lot easier to decide after the result is known. One can’t change the surrounding but always can change itself. Hence, may the luck and wealth with all of you as well. Till the next updates,

Take care and lot of Wealth.