Friday, March 29, 2013

2012, Through Heaven and Hell

  It has been a while since I last pen down my blog. Works have been taking up most of my active time and concentration. And now, thanks to a nice and hot StarBuck coffee beside me, I have enough caffeine in my blood to colour my blog a little more. Once in the while, it feel good to have this affordable luxury.

People always tend to visit their history once in a while, when their mind are free. Just like me now, thinking back my journey a year back. The year of me stepping out from schools and start in limbo into my first career in life.

It was a very tough year when all the flashbacks streamed my mind. But the year ago ‘me’, somehow did not feel that worst. Perhaps it is my optimistic behaviour that always screened me from all the tough time. I am blessed indeed.

There are things I am proud of, such as my choice of company “Mesiniaga”. One year has passed since, and my desire to be with this company is still burning strong. Because I know this company can definitely bring me a better place.

2012 was also a years where I have to let go once in a life time opportunity to work and live at least once at the legendary New Zealand. It was a tough choice, between starting my career early or prolong my carefree life for another half a year or more. For the obvious, I have started my career early.

2012 was also a year where I have received both worst and best news in life. It was the year where I was surprised with humongous amount of house loan debt. Being the eldest son, I have limited choice but to step out early into corporate world in order to ease my parent’s burden.

This is also a year where out of desperate measure, I have decided to take up a business opportunity where I am not really proud of. It was a business where majority of people will have negative perception on it, and it is none other than a multi level marketing business. “Amway” is the company name. It is a good company with great product and the business can be really rewarding if one could managed to survive the challenges. However, direct selling business is still not my forte though I have working real hard to adapt to it.

Anyhow I have survived in this business for almost a year and have built quite a numbers of depths in my group. I must admit that during that time, I have learnt a lot of thing such as communication, reading people mind, team work and some sales skill. But at the end of day, I am not enjoying one bit doing sales and convincing people.

I guess the desire to release my father from the debt burden have fuelled me to go this far. However with job workload become heavier, I become more exhausted as days gone by. I work hard and fast during working hour and run my business at night. I have very limited time to sleep. All of this madness has continued for one year which to my amazed, I have not seriously fallen ill. I guess the desire to release my parent from this debt trap is so great till I could force myself to do thing I hate so much, losing friend and face.

Until one day,

My family destiny has taken a great turn. Due to something happen, which I wish to keep it silent, my parent was able to clear the huge debt and even have enough for a comfortable retirement.

From that day onward, my shoulder has never felt so light before. And the only force to drag or push me doing the business, is no more. Since then, I have halt expanding this business.

Actually I have never regretted my decision back in 2012. As I believe in every decision and actions, there will be give and take. Just like the moment I have let go my New Zealand plan, I am blessed with this job in company, the one year of involvement in networking business, I have gain experiences, skills and a foundation that other place can’t get.

Now that I have all the time and energy in the world, I have decided to pour all into my career and see where it can lead to. But I job alone would not satisfy my inner growing greed in future. And I believe I will run a business some day with great dignity. It will be a family business which will be inherited to my kin one day.