Monday, May 31, 2010

Internship. New chapter of Life

Finally my internship is so happening tomorrow.

I am afraid to be frank. Time move so fast and I am officially a third year senior. Happy time sure will meet it ending.

I will experience my pre-working life tomorrow. It will reflect what is going to look like when I work at future. I am anxious but meanwhile scared to move on to my new chapter of life.

I got my internship offer at IBM

I have never thought to be able to work here. It is a big company that span throughout the world. Some say, you can't learn much in big company, and others said intern in big company make your cv more lengzai...

Well, those comment do no matter anymore, cause I am for sure gonna step my feet on this company tomorrow. Whatever come, so be it ;)

I am expecting few tough weeks before I could finally fit myself over there. And I am expecting whatever 'skills' and 'knowledge' I studied would not be any use and need to start from zero.

So, I will go there with my empty cup.. and please fill me as full as possible.

Well, I wish that everyone who are going to intern tomorrow, BEST OF LUCK =)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Kuantan . Kemaman . Redang

Hello guys . . .

I had just returned from Redang Island with my roasted skin as souvenir. This will gonna be quite a long post that contains a lot of photos. So, let start ;)


We stop by Kuantan two days before we went to Redang. Special thanks to Fei and Jason who prepared accommodation for us and bring us to tour around Kuantan.

Thanks for bringing us out to enjoy Kuantan delicacy like

Icy cool cendol campur

and rojak

Seriously, weather in Kuantan is as hot as KL and having this for lunch was so nice. After our lunch, we went to Teluk Cempedak (0r Cempaka??? lol) for our very first seaside stroll in this trip.

Before hand, we stop by a stall to buy some tidbits.

This karipap is recommended by Fei and truly, this is good. After full stomach from my lunch, I can't stand the temptation and ate two of this. The potatoes with chicken paste karipap only cost 40cent each. Cheap neh.

And we brought drinks too, but... kinda felt like 'kena chop'. This coconut juice cost us rm2 per plastic bag.. and it not even 1/3 of one coconut. Worse still, the taste is soooooo 'no-taste'! Wondering how much water they had mix in.

Anyway, TC is a nice place. I bet all seaside on east coast are more cleaner than west.

the photographer said we are so colorful xp

I drew one ;)

Prove that we are here =)

So nice. But the best yet to come. I personally think TC beach is quite clean compare to Langkawi and of course, Port dickson and Pangkor. Until I step my feet on Redang, I have absolutely no idea how a true clean beach and sea water shall look like. For now, I am satisfy with TC beaches.

First night at Kuantan, we went to this

to have ikan bakar for our dinner.

Variety of seafoods..

Delicious Ikan Bakar.. what fish? I forget already, but I love the sting-ray most. haha

But, this kind of dinner were all bbq prepared, which is not healthy for our body because of the excess amount of carcinogen we took. Hahaha, like I care hor..

I do care actually ;) but the foods were so nice.

For this part, I must deliver my special thanks for Jason's dad for treating us a very fine tea. This is so perfect to wash down the oil and carcinogen we took during our dinner.

and the tea, is very expensive :p

Jason's dad is the master of art of tea. His passion and patient in preparing the tea is so fascinating. If I had not remember wrongly, he had served us the 'pu-er' tea which produced during 70th.. and I believe it was costly. I felt waste because I don't know how to appreciate a really good tea. I guess, only Lee Yin could really enjoy every best of it.

Jason's father gave a lot of advices to us and I really take note of it. Well, it kinda strengthen my urge to fasten my vegetarian diet. haha

Then we chat until 1am in the morning and then went to sleep.

Some of us seriously need to get an early rest because tomorrow Philip , Jason, Leeyin and me will hike the bukit lembing ! while the others will continue their beauty sleep =.="

Wao, this hill is no joke.. so steep and high... 80% of the time, we are climbing stairs. Stairs after stairs, never seem the end of it. When we are going to reach the top, we are so surprised and amazed that Esther can climb this last time ! with slipper !!!

When we are walking half way up the hill, most of us were pretty exhausted and breathing heavily. Our heart pumps so hard and loud as it wanna jump out. But then, at the brink to surrender, we think of Esther and some how, we are mentally charged and able to go on XD.

I think, we should make a sign board and placed it along the hill....

I believe, this will be a great motivation and inspiration tools HAHAHA.

After the tiring exercise, we down the hill and have our brunch.. with the rest of them.

Sungai Lembing delicacy, Tomatoes noodles. The soup taste identically like 'wan tan hor' but spies up with tomatoes sweetness. For a tomatoes lover, this is yummy ;)

After the brunch, we visited a hanging bridge at... ? I forget d

Compare to Langkawi skybridge which connect two mountains, this is consider what o ?

But, Langkawi skybridge was designed by highly professional architect and engineers and made from tonnes of strong steel cables and cement. It is guaranteed safe.

For this case, I think, erm... see it closely yourselves

Some of the woods were taken off and some start to crack. Seem like this bridge never been maintained for quite a time.. haha. Frankly, I got little scared.

Gosh, my shirt which was soaked with sweat and was stink to heaven high. Even I can't stand it after the hill climbing and I forget to bring extra shirt. So, we headed to the actual river of sungai lembing to have fun.. and I will wash my shirt at there haha.

Thanks god that Jason and Fei were both driving a 4 wheeler. The road to this river was bumpy and challenging.

Nice river... So clean and refreshing. we stay at there for so many hours. Staying close with nature is what I love to do. From jungle trekking, waterfall and etc.. Kuantan have it all.

And I had my very first time 'mee Jawa' for lunch.

Yummy... the thick soup which taste like sweet laksa is so appetizing.

After that, we back to both Jason and Fei house to take a rest before moving to Kemaman tonight.

Before we depart to Kemaman, we had satay as our dinner.. 'Satay Zouk' if not mistaken.

Nice satay of chicken and deer delicacy
Nasi Dagang. Is mixture of sardine fish and rice.

This time, no more nice tea to neutralized the carcinogen we took from the dinner.. Sad.
My room-mate from Kemaman called Quinn, had purposely came to Kuantan to fetch us to his house at Kemaman. Thanks ya ;)

After one hour of driving, ten of us, arrived at Kemaman and we were officially at Terengganu. One step closer to Redang de paradise.

I slept at 12am++ and gotta get up as early as 5am because we will start moving to Kuala Terengganu around that. Gotta catch the 8.30am ferry.

And Finally, after a lengthy post... haha

Redang De Tour !

From the view inside the ferry, I am stunned upon this legendary island. And I know it known for its crystal clear sea. So I took a peek.

Nice blue view when look from far......

and indeed, crystal clear view when look closely beneath my feet. Gosh....

We took the package of 3day and 2night which will include 4 meals a day + 1 bbq dinner at one of the night. Include also the tour to marine park once and twice snorkeling activites.

So, once we arrived there, we check-in our room

5 person in a room with no television.. haha

and we have our camwhore captured by Rachel 500D before 3pm snorkeling.

Seriously, I puke during my first snorkeling at Redang.. xp
The boat broken half way in the middle of sea and cause the ship to swing around... and I get my sea sick.. After came up from snorkeling, I puke so bad ... but damn relief afterward... uiseh!

LOL. All of my lunch had came out... and go into fishes stomach XD.

Well, kinda hard to describe all the activities we gone through in Redang, so I think photos will speak of it self k ;)

having bbq dinner during our first night.. so good !

Some complained that night activities were boring. Our room do not provide television which made every of their guest to hang around the beaches. For me, I am okay with the boring night time, cause I prefer to sit near the beaches and enjoy the sea wind while chatting with friends.

Well, actually they have night party at first night too.. ^o^

of course la, cannot compare with KL one right, yeen ? lol

On second day

We going to marine park. Everyone said that if you skip the marine park, then you never came to Redang.. So, I took a light breakfast

to avoid throwing up xp... and bring along a lot of sour candy.. it helps you know ;)

Proudly, I did not throw up this time, the marine park is nice.. The coral reefs are more than Redang island itself. But, I can see that a lot of it, were dead. One need to swim very far to get a better view. Haiz. Sad

Too bad, we did not bring any cameras so, can't share with you the photos from marine park. Got chances, see it yourselves k ? =)

You can ask for volley balls, carem, football and etc from counter, and play it with your friends.. The sands is soft and nice but must endure the sun burn la.

During second night, we have our dinner with spaghetti as main course.

Well, like always, I like to praise my N82. 50% of the photos in this post were captured using my phone including this
Night scene of Redang ;)

Not bad la, for a camera phone.

Third day

We going to leave this island soon. So, I tried to enjoy the island as much as possible.
I get up as early as possible and hunt for a net to lie ..
The cold morning breeze before the sun come out. Feel like I can sleep forever.

Seriously, I love this net-bed the most... Not bad to become a tarzan ya ;)

And of course, we pay a visit to More More Tea Inn.

Kinda miss the movie starred by Richie Ren..

Happy times sure meet its end. With ten of us roasted like indon, gotta miss this legendary island for sure.

Anyway, as long we are healthy and have money ;) we will be back !