Monday, May 31, 2010

Internship. New chapter of Life

Finally my internship is so happening tomorrow.

I am afraid to be frank. Time move so fast and I am officially a third year senior. Happy time sure will meet it ending.

I will experience my pre-working life tomorrow. It will reflect what is going to look like when I work at future. I am anxious but meanwhile scared to move on to my new chapter of life.

I got my internship offer at IBM

I have never thought to be able to work here. It is a big company that span throughout the world. Some say, you can't learn much in big company, and others said intern in big company make your cv more lengzai...

Well, those comment do no matter anymore, cause I am for sure gonna step my feet on this company tomorrow. Whatever come, so be it ;)

I am expecting few tough weeks before I could finally fit myself over there. And I am expecting whatever 'skills' and 'knowledge' I studied would not be any use and need to start from zero.

So, I will go there with my empty cup.. and please fill me as full as possible.

Well, I wish that everyone who are going to intern tomorrow, BEST OF LUCK =)

1 comment:

yen Ho said...

uiseh uiseh..jiayou la holim..i saw many oso nervous for 1st day..then i m playing around here cox supervisor is on leave...zhadou 9 9...................................................

sigh..apa boleh buat...all the best to me lo.....