Thursday, May 13, 2010

A sick country

We are still young, so we will yet to find any wrong in this country. From the book cover, our country seem like still standing still and kicking. True fact is, our country is falling sick, since our independence day.

This is because of the poor governance which resulted in corruption. Corruption is the mother of all devil. The root of this illness. Why is corruption is so serious in this country?

Well, it is because of certain policy that create the opportunity for top gun in government to plunder the national resources.

The introduction of NEP (New economy policy). I am not here to question the right of of certain ethnic of Malaysia. I do not wish to argue whether they are son of the soil or not. My point here is to aim at the policy but not the people. I have no problem with the special rights and privilege granted to bumis because of their special status, but...

Is this NEP really successfully delivered it objective? Or merely help a little but further enrich the big gun in government?

After 50 years of implementation, with mass amount of resources had been distributed, ironically, the objective of 30% of bumis control in economy is still far to reach. And they decided that this policy is still needed to prolong in order to hit the percentage.

Don't you smell something fishy here? A system that failed after 50 freaking years of implementation and they still think that it is a wise move to prolong it. Where is the mass distributed resources gone after this 50 years? Since this policy is not aimed at poor bumi but is available to all, that mean even the fucking rich bumis still could enjoy the privileges. Hence, here come the role of


With closed tender system, governments can distributed the project to their cronies and friends but with agreement of certain amount of 'commision'. Hence the 30% of national resources which allocated for NEP is only enjoyable by 20% of bumis which are the rich taikun or the goverment minister himself since they all allowed to own business.

That why, largely bumis is still poor. The allocated resources was never reach their hand or even it does, only a little. If the resources is fairly distributed to them, then everyone will be able to enjoy a moderate live. And we, the non-bumis had no problem with this since our business can get prosper because more chunk of people have higher purchasing ability.

But with current situation, only people related to government can enjoy the privilege and leave all poor bumis behind, they tend to start blaming us, the non-bumis. The politician blame us that we are greedy and seize their opportunity in economies, and demand us to 'enough la'!

Making us as scapegoat of NEP failure is just not right! We don't have any special privilege at the first place, so we need to work very hard to get what we want. If we are successful, that is because of our honest works and efforts. No one can blame us for that.

Now, do you see the point of Pakatan Rakyat not supporting the NEP? I am not questioning the special right of bumis, but I am questioning the effectiveness of NEP itself to deliver its objective to the in-need bumis. Rather than prompting corruption, why not abolish this policy and create a new policy that could benefit the really needy?

Is my turn to shout to all the rich taikun of bumis.. 'Enough la, is the turn for poor bumis to enjoy their privileges.'

But I doubt the BN will let go this corruption tool as long as they are in power.

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