Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother Day =)

Happy Mother Day !

Just like every year, my uncles and aunties will gathered at my house to celebrate mother's day. Just like every year, we are doing steamboat with almost same dishes and same good taste. And just like every year, I am gratitude to my dearest mom.

When I am small, I am a super naughty kid. Among my siblings, I am the most troublesome, the rebel king. I ate a lot of cane from my parents but my rebel spirit was never die, haha. Although I am such a naughty brat, but I am raised up with love.

When I am small, my family is poor. When my mom was carrying me in her stomach, she still going for work although she going to labor in 2 more weeks. Despite lugging her heavy belly, she endure all of that and tried to earn every single penny from that metal factory. Such a dangerous place to work in.

Finally I was born. As predicted by doctor, my size and weight was larger than ordinary baby. Hence my mom's body suffer severely. She got hard time to perform small bladder for few weeks but I was safe and sleeping sound.

When I was turning into little kids. A small small kiddy that still learning how to walk. My mom said that I drank a lot ! Most of the mother having difficult time to feed milk to their child. But it is totally different case for me. She said, I learn fast to hold my own bottle and 'bottom-up' in a blink of eyes. Haha,

then crave for more !

I have a huge appetite since small which cause my parents short on money to buy milk powder. Then, there is a time, when I get a serious high fever when I was still very small. Few months perhaps. A fever that never subdue for few days and I started to show weird behavior. My moms insisted that I be sent to 'Pantai Dalam Hospital' which is a private hospital instead of government hospital. My father have to borrow money from his friends to pay the bill. My fever was so serious that at that time which made the doctor to warned my mom that I might get brain-damage. Since, I am still small, it is hard to confirm because I can't speak yet. The only way is to wait till I grow up.

Lucky, god-bless I am not brain-damaged but turn into naughty brat instead XD. Anyway, I am being brought up from over-filled of love from both of my father and mother. Thought I don't know how to speak those sweet words to my mom, but in my heart, she is always number 1.

Girls like to ask hes boyfriend, if she and your mom fall into sea, who will you going to save? Many trying to find a loophole to get a win-win situation. Some said, both also don't wan save, some said jump inside and die together =.=".

Well, is this question is that hard to answer?

For me, I will save my mom without a doubt.

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