Tuesday, May 18, 2010

holiday !

Today is 18/May which mark mine 11th day of holiday since my final papers. Glad to said that I have fully utilized my remaining holiday which suppose to end at May.

Haiz, my internship going to start on 1st of June. Apparently I have less than one month holidays eh. So, I spent most of my time staying home and accompany my mom.

Just few days ago, I have gone through all the trouble to subscribe this

This is kinda last minute work because this promotion is introduced since early March ago. When I heard rumor that it gonna end this month, I get last-minute-freakout and go through all the troublesome procedures to apply this.

Apparently, my streamyx is not under my name, so I have to terminate it and wait for one month before apply this promotion.

What the hell is the TM point thinking?

One month of my holiday without internet? and how if after one month the promotion is expired and I have to subscribe other package that more expensive than my previous?

It is absolutely no way to terminate my internet and rotting at home for one month without internet! How to live ? So, I apply second home line and this cool uni combo simultaneously ;)

My second home line is set, and now awaiting the streamyx technician to do the final touch, haha

Speaking of setting up my second home line, according to the notice/bill that I get from TMpoint

A closer look

From my understanding, for 'pendawaian sedia-ada', I only need to pay rm30. And for 'pendawaian baru', I have to pay rm50 for the first 5m wire.

So, since I am apply second homeline, I am expected to pay rm50 + charges for additional wire if needed. But, after the technician done wiring my line,

he asked for rm80 ! said that rm50 for wiring and rm 30 for activition fees.

I was like WHAT THE HECK !

I gone through the statement many times and due to my understanding, it did not mention about the activition fees. So, I was thinking the technician was trying to scam my money. But I did not argue with him. So, I called TMpoint instead.

Niabeh @$%!&

Have you ever called their Tm helpline? it is so fucking annoying and stupid. First, I have to deal with automated operator and select the directories according to the question. At the end, I choose the technical helpline, and guess what...

'please enter your area code' !!!!!!!

Pukima, like I know what is the area code I staying. Then the technician use his phone and called the helpline for me.

So, I was being told that the activation fees is needed to paid. I was so frustrated about this hidden cost, so I was scolding the operator like shit. And I demand them to lodge my complaint. Cause I am beh song about this hidden cost, and by right, I shall not pay extra amount other than stated in the statement. So, the operator told me that there is no helpline to lodge complain and I told them that I will go to TMpoint to lodge my complain.

Then, the technician said never mind, and told me to pay only rm50, the other rm30 he said, he will asked the TM people to pay. Well, I am not sure how things going to turn out, but at least I only paid rm50 as expected and I get my line running the next day ;)

Maybe the technician trying to earn extra income but after heard that I going to lodge complain, he is freaking out. Or maybe I really need to pay extra rm30 for activation fees and the technician being nice and make the company to shallow the cost?

Whatever it is, I am pretty near to get my uni combo pack =)

Well, well well . . I know that my last few posts is about politic and glad that there are reader who take note from my writing and links. Different people have different perspectives and it is very constructive toward country development. Because, we can't live in 'non-of my business' attitude anymore.

Ok la, no political talk today. Woohoo, this coming sunday I will be going to Redang !

Walaoweh, I always heard how great is this legendary island, but never went there before. Yesh! finally I can see it myself. This will be my only holiday trip before my intern start.

-Looking forward-


plank ton said...

if i not mistaken and din hear wrongly, the rm80 is not a hidden cost..
if u did not apply for 2nd line, u wont be charged that amount..
but if u do, u have to pay..
it's da condition..
that technician might rugi rm30 ade..

holim said...

hmm, the technician didn't rugi, TM rugi, cause the technician is TM contractor, they only earn rm50, and the rm30 is belong to TM point, if that is the case, they might charge it in my incoming phone bill.

plank ton said...

ooo~ den c ur luck lo.. if good den wont kena lo.. hahah

Carlson said...

I think yours very good ady!! I was charged for RM170 leh... Coz the wire from the telephone pole to my hse is so long, about 29m. No choice also, had to pay!! =="

holim said...

Seetoh, that mean they did not request rm30 for activition fee from you lor?