Friday, May 14, 2010

Malaysia hidden agenda..

From the very beginning, I have already acknowledge that our fourth Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir is up to no good. In fact, he is the worst ever Malaysian in this country. He is a man who I hated most. Some of you might said, 'I know he is corrupt, but he had bring development to our country.'

I would like to share my piece of opinion.

Our country is very rich in raw materials. Compare to Japan, Singapore and Korea, our country has richer raw resources. Since 1957 after merdeka, Singapore, Japan and Korea is on par with Malaysia or even worst. Mind you, Japan only start recovered from 1945 Atom bomb attack. With vast resources especially petroleum, the black gold! We have a great jumping stone.

How is our country today? Let don't compare with Japan, this fella already advanced 30 years from us. Let see singapore that do not have any raw resources. Their currency is 2.3 times more than us !

What Mahathir did? With the vast resources, this is the best he can do? What great development he had made huh? Built alot of white elephant project?

Well, I wanna to spill out all of his hidden agenda during his service of Prime Minister, but I came across to a post which written by George Soros (this fella cost 1997 currency downfall) which unveil all the truth about Mahathir. It is a superbly great post which I get to know a lot of stuffs I did not know about.

Please read this


Legend said...

Yeap, this is true.
The only PM I really respect is TAR.
The rest are corrupted.
I've read a number of books which unfolds all of BN corruption after SPM and STPM, that why I kinda lost hope for Malaysia.
Anyway, do you know where we can register as a voter?

holim said...

Post Office ;)

Chee Hoe said...

Well, it's true that he is the most corrupted PM until now. But who on this earth doesn't do things for themselves?

Even the latter one can boom other people's vaginal and get away from it...

But i think the multi-billion project is not a waste after all. At least, it bring fame to us.

One more thing, 60% are them and we all know their style... We could only elect for the most efficient one...

淑芳 said...

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