Tuesday, June 1, 2010

IBM @ First day

Before I start anything, I just wanna say tat working hour is passing so damn slow !

Well, today was my first day of internship. Lucky for me, I am not the only intern working in my department. By the way,

I had being assigned to HR department.

The first impression gave by one of the senior there was....

What the heck is a computer science student and an engineering student doing here ?????

Well, you tell me......

haha, I being told I that I will deal with programming tasks and debugging some existing systems. So since my manager was not around, even them do not know what should we do. Cause not much programmer people working in HR department you know... lolx

So, meanwhile we were helping those senior to do some paper works. Which is like sorting this!

in ascending employee id order... and this is just half of what we have done.. and after that, we have being honored and entrusted to enter a highly classified room which contained the personal files of all IBM employees to do some filing..

Which sound like office-boy work. Well, we have to search high and low for each specific files to place each of that letter that we have sort out for entire morning into it.. @-@

The numbers were like... 103567 , 103786 . . . . . . eyes blur-blur...

Well, If I get to be paid rm2800 per month for doing this... I am more than happy to do it.. XD
But too bad, I only get rm500 per month without OT claim.

Anyway, I get a thinkpad T60

which will belong to mine possession as long as I work for IBM... lolx

HR department is a very big office. So many staffs working in it and almost all of them are women. Well, high-heels fully make-up and perfumed. Kinda not use to it... hmmm

Because it was so crowded, almost no table for us to do work.. (you got work to do meh??)
So, since that my manager not here today, both of us were sharing her table. Cham neh...

and when we were free... (most of the time) we are allowed to msn and facebook but.. must pandai-pandai la... lolx

Tomorrow she will be coming back and finally I might get to touch some real business stuff. Yesh! I love to do something that look professional like programming ;) (cannot fight also can see ma XD)

And I get my ID-batch today...

It look pretty bo-class compare to permanent worker.. haiz. Anyway, tomorrow will be my second day of intern and there will be long long time before my intern end...

Will I miss my intern at the day I finished my intern? don know, but for now..


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夜猫呆呆 said...

aiyer, sien la...sounds not bad oso wo. wah, in HR sure got many women lo. ni jiu shuang lo, can start to find target le, haha~!!! I am so damn worried about my intern. =.=