Sunday, June 6, 2010

Broga ;-)

We have been talking about this hill since long long time ago. Finally I get to see this with my own eyes.

First I would like to thanks Yiyen and her family for providing a place for us to stay and kept us hunger free. Xie xie =)

a night before that, we stop by Kajang for its Satay

However, this is quite a disappointment because it taste below no-expectation. Maybe we have chose a restaurant that prepared the worst satay at Kajang, or is this the best Kajang can produce?

Back to Broga Hill trip, we start to climb it at 4.30am to get a glimpse of beautiful sunrise.

The sky was so dark at that time and we afraid rain will drop. Equipped with torch-light, we start our journey to the top!

The road surface was not even and full of rocks and holes. Wrong steps and you might end up falling off cliffs or simply scratches your skins.

There were 4 hills on total, but we decided to stop at the second hill.

The sky was still dark that time and rain starting to pour. But that was normal. Next time bring along jackets or umbrella for this. I personally think that jacket is a must because it is so

freaking cold up there especially when the rain was pouring and the weather was so cold and when you are wearing no-sleeve shirt.

Well talking about nature.. this is a real nice nature. And with all the nature surrounding us,

I get to hear a calling from far . . . . I heard

The nature call !

And end up I can't resist the calling but to answer it XD

but have to reply it far into thick bushes..... ok, this is another geli incident after langkawi case. Well, that prove that I can adapt myself fast in nature ;)

The sky start to turn bright and frank and I start to shooting photos everywhere.

and with all the photos I took, finally I get to shoot a photos that really capture my attention and I think it reflect the beauty of Broga .

Well, and again this is N82 capabilities ;) Ngek ngek ngek~~

Well, every adventures sure leave some mark...

And for this hero... he get a pretty souvenir from Broga Hill...

The mark of clumsy and potato XD

And next time, I will return to his hill again for unfinish business. I will make sure to climb all the 4 hills next time !

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