Monday, June 7, 2010

How is our future going to be ?

Legalize Sport Gambling ?????

This guys is Vincent Tan. The biggest share holder of Berjaya corporation and Ascot. The owner of Magnum, Damacai, Toto and thousand of club house gambling centre around Malaysia.

Now, under his company, government is considering to legalize sport gaming with alignment to the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

First of all, I can't believe that government that always claim this to be the Muslim Country and with Agama Islam as the official religion.. would allow this to be legalize.

According to government, they said by legalizing sport betting, it will cripple the underground sport betting. So do it matter actually? Instead of telling rakyat the dangerous of gambling, the government actually wish to make a big buck out from it.

It sound to me like

Rather than let those underworld bosses to earn this easy money, why not I make this money myself ?

Well, if that so, why don't government legalize prostitution, porn movie and drugs as well ? All of this wont be any worse than gambling if not better. This is the easy money you seeking for right?

Malaysia government is such a hypocrite.

Vincent Tan said that sport betting is good ! It generate 3 billion of tax annually to government. Well, I don't see how this formula will benefit the rakyat. The government is making money when rakyat is losing their cashes to gambling. That mean, rakyat get poorer and government become richer. This is totally different from foreign direct investment. But, if government had become richer, will this money be put to good use ?

I doubt so... Ironically, after Idris Jala said that our country will be bankrupt in 9 years if we do not cut down subsidies... the very next days

Ministry of defence had sign off a contract to purchase 3 multi-purpose ship from Singapore that cost over rm2.2 Billion. Wow, now I understand why our country is on the brink of bankrupt. Read here

Calling us rakyat to swallow the cost and the government keep on spending like running water tap ! I will anti-subsidies cut no matter what. There are 100 of ways to save the country from bankruptcy and we rakyat always made to swallow the cost. Enough is enough... after the insane electric bill and water hike... now government is suggesting no subsidies and implementation of GST ??? what are we going to eat?

Metal from the ship and submarine they bought?

Now, with the legalization of sport gambling... I can only imagine that majority of rakyat get poorer and money earn by government will spend elsewhere if not going down to their pockets.


yen Ho said...

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