Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why should Man treats women better

I have always wondering, why female always trying so hard to fight for male-female equality. I had never give a deep thought of the actual reason why they were trying so hard to earn respect and status that usually enjoyed by male that without going through much effort.

After years of fighting and debating of equality, the world starting to acknowledge them. Hence, they come out with Ladies Night, Ladies Day, Ladies Power, Power Puff Girl and even Girl Friend Day ! and none heard of the same for male. Even train commuter allocate a special coach just for ladies and Jogoya always have special promotion for ladies  (don't they figure out that ladies ate more than guys actually ? duh) .

When we just take a fast glance on these facts, sometime I do think, I envy them.

So, it might be a nice thing to be a woman yo.

But, on a deep thought... being a women, is rather pity. (Not trying to discriminate women here)

Why ?

1. Men and women are both the same species called homo-sapien. But male is borne with genetic that allowed them to develop greater muscle's mass, physical strength and size compare to women. Hence it already determined that male would be a dominant type according to jungle law (Strong eat the weak).

2. Women have fix number of ovum in their ovari. Once their puberty began, the number of ovum start decreasing one by one until it finish. Which mean they had reached the menopause stage which is around 50+ years old. When a women had arrived at this stage, they will start to age very quickly. For men, they can keep on ejaculating tiny little tadpole till their very last breath. If male are still sexually strong enough at age of 80+, heck ! they could still impregnate women and breed another fleet of babies. 

3. Women have a short glorious / attractive period in their life time. As how our trend goes, women arrived at their most attractive period from 18-26. Which is only 8 years ! and after 26, their aging will sped up. This is the time where women usually will be so eager to marry and hence bugging their boy friend to marry them. For men, their glorious moment is unfairly long. It can start as early as 18 and last till 50+ !!! That is freaking 30 years ++ for god sake. I can easily pick few of 40's male artist which is still freaking hot and popular. Donnie Yen and Andy Lau is the selected few. Even Bruce Willis at the age of 50's will have young women dieing for him. But for women, after hitting 40's, it is a good bye bye. Most likely.

I like one of my friend's quote. "Men are very loyal. No matter how old they aged, they will still love the 18's babes."

4. In sex, men never loss anything. But women would. For country such as Malaysia, our culture still not that open and most of the male prefer virgin as their wife. But they wouldn't if their girl friends were not a virgin, but they would strongly preferred that their wife is a virgin. Facts, men loss nothing in sex, except for energy and sperm used which will be replenished anyway. It is hard to tell if a men had sex before. But for girl, it was hard for them to conceal the secret as damaged had done.

5. In birth, men only supply their sperms and women is the one that supply ALL the remaining necessity to the baby! The baby in their mother's womb suck all the rich nutrien from surrounding in order to grow. Not to mention that women will undergo a great pain when delivering their baby. I once saw a video that showed a mom giving birth. The doctor use a scissor to widen the opening by cutting the vulva (the vagina mouth) without anesthetic. Oh my... That's why it is not recommended that a women to undergo another pregnancy before resting well for at least a year.

6. Anyway, there is one thing that women can brag about. That is women tend to live longer than men. It is statistically proven worldwide.

However, it is a win for them ?

Hmm, for what I think it is a win for Men and a lose for women. Imagine that your live long partner had leave you alone for good. You have to start sleeping alone, eat your old men porridge alone and worst of all, crying for self-pity all alone in the room.

And the men, get to die in peace in your arm without going through loneliness. Sometime, live longer compare to other might not be good thing actually.

Maybe that is why women is so demanding. Well, I guess they deserved every right for that.

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