Thursday, September 29, 2011

First ever Recognition from Photography Comunity

Thanks to my good friend, Frank

He shows me the opportunity to participate in a photo shooting outing few weeks ago. With given theme of

9/11 after 10 years, how it impact Malaysia.

We were tasked to shoot something relevant to it around Bukit Bintang area. Get to met a professional photo-journalism Mr. John Ishi who will be mentoring us and giving us some kick-start before hence.

I'm glad that I could learn quite a number of things from him as he telling his exciting adventure of his photo-shooting career. How he sees thing and how he could blend a good story in every picture he took.

Basically, to take a good photo there are 3 important aspect to take care. Sharpness, Composition and Stories.

Well, I might quite okay in producing sharpness but putting a story in a picture... I'm suck at it.

So, Junyen and I tagged along to hunt for places that possibly could get us idea of 9/11. We went to National Mosque and KLCC.

Out of all the photos I took, only one have the impact and feel in it.

After 10 years passed and counting, Malaysia whose claimed to be a Muslim country but having a strong relationship with United States, are we really safe from being targeted ?

And 2 weeks later, this photo won me a Canon Camera Bag. Mr. John said that this picture will be great if there was people element in there walking by, preferably Arabic. So I take note.

Needless to say, I am happy to get this bag. There were a lot of great photos but quite a number of participant failed to attend the Talk-Time session held yesterday. If all of them had been here, I think I will not get this prize though. Hahaha

Anyhow, I get a new camera bag to replace my current lousy bag.

With large compartment and two extra side pocket it means more accessories can be fitted in. Not to mention the thick span inside the bad which will provide extra protection to even professional gear =)

Could I said that my photo shooting is somehow a little being recognized by photography community ? Ha ha ha... Maybe is not, but what harm to make myself happy a bit by believing it.

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Legend said...

Congrats !!!
You going for KLPF next week ?