Monday, September 19, 2011

So what now ?

I talked a lot about my personal issues, I talked a lot about my hobbies, I talked a lot about politics,
so, what is the something missing inside this blog ?

If you noticed, I rarely mentioned about my result. I always talk about how I will fight from tooth to toe in exam hall, submerged myself in nescafe's pool just to stay awake for one week to save my last-minute ass for exam sake and etc.

But aftermath, you will never heard from me.

lulz, one need not a rocket scientist to guess right ?

All the while I am really serious and almost-like Kamikaze style in doing prepartion (though most of them were last-minute hugging buddha leg type). My younger bro always said I am really determined and mentally strong in doing my revision.. so my effort can be rated A. However my result shows the otherwise....

Anyway, not that bad la on average. I scored averagely 3.20 +- each sem. So, my hope to getting First Honor was pretty well flushed down to drain.

Until some turning point happened, last sem...

How I did this ? lolz... I have no idea. First time throughout my University life, this was the first time I scored straight in pointer.

To my surprise I was actually getting an A for my thesis 1. Did I mentioned I was toasted and pawned  by 2 iron-fist examiner when I was presenting my thesis 1 ?

Damn, miracle do happened. Last time I was still thinking I was stupid to try out new thing like Android instead of playing safe by building the ever boring website. Hmm, but now might be a different story.

Anyhow, because I have been playing around since my first year, having a full pointer can't save my ass much you see. My CGPA only increased by 0.87 this sem.

My first honor was pretty much.... Nucleared

Even by getting the final 4.00 this sem, it wont do any good either.. still stayed in second honor. Well... I guess reality is something I have to accept. So now, should I work damn hard to get the next 4.00 but knowing that I will still stay in Second Honor , or relax..... cukup cukup makan okay la..

Hahaha... well, will decide that later.. anyhow, it sound quite cool to be in dean list

But I never figured out what is that mean ? The Dean will baby sit you ? If you broke / hungry or something.. you can find them ? lol whatever it mean.


Bravebear said...

good job man... 1st honor or not doesn't really matter as long as you have did your best. Gambate!

9049 said...

yes dude good really goodddd;)