Friday, September 23, 2011

Every little cents, do matter Now

Am I sound a little desperate for money ? Well, I have been sitting in house for 3 months during holidays, been to several trips with friends to everywhere and had add some collection to my camera gears.. So, I am a little desperate now.

A little sad because my blog was looking messy with all this Google advertisement and Nuffnang adv. Well, this was one of my cheapskate and lazy way to earn some penny.

I do not know if allowing Google and Nuffnang to advertise on my blog will earn me some significant Ringgits, but I guess I will give it a try.

But I ain't broke la. Still have reserves in my piggy bank, but considering next year graduation trip to infamous Hong Kong where foods and accomodation will be expensive, I guess I need to start worrying.

My Ptptn financial support had came to an end last sem. So, this sem I can't open my palm and ask some lunch from Bank Islam already ! HAHA

Well, since I had decided to live at Kepong instead of college and my credit hours were around 14 or less this sem, I guess the tuition fees will be okay.

Heck! RM 1,400++  was charged !!

Tuition fees alone was only RM 680.40, and with all the god-know extra charging it had amounted to
RM 1,412.40

Oh man, this was too much. Though we are still a lot cheaper than those study in private university.

Now only I seriously realize the importance of Ptptn. All the while Ptptn had paid off the fees for me, so I never ask a single penny from my parent for it. Now, I am all by myself. Well, I intend not to ask from them as they had spent a lot lately for my younger bro who just enrolled in University at Kedah.

My reserves are enough to clear my fees. But after that, I need to start worrying. Hence, one of the solution is to

Extend Ptptn support 

I do not know about how it work in other university or colleges, but I do know how it work in UM. Very simple in fact you can settle the procedure in one day if you got all they need.

I just done it.

If you are in shit-hole like me too, and you need further assistance from Ptptn, here is what you should do.

1) Get the blue form from Hep. It is still located at KPS third floor. Use the stairs that was between the building that have citra office and building that have Digi, photostat shop and Barber !

2) Make a copy of your exam result slip every semester. I don't think the exam result from Umisisweb can do the job. Photocopy the actual exam result slip to play safe. If you lost some of it, you can ask from SKR
at Exam Building. And get it verified(cop and signed) by either HEP / SKR.

3) Apply for a letter of support from your respective faculty to support your application of extension. Might need 3 working days to get it. Depend on your faculty's management.

4) The University offer letter ( Surat Tawaran Kemasukan University ). Hohoho, don't tell me you lose that cause I do not know where to find a substitute of it. And make a copy of it and get verified either by HEP/SKR.

That all folks.. ring the table bell in HEP and have it submitted.

All left to do is waiting. I not sure if it will get approved because our government seem got big problem with their piggy bank already. So lets cross our finger together and hope it will arrived in time to save our asses.

GodSpeed !!!

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