Monday, September 5, 2011

Leisure TimeOut @ Port Dickson

I have to admit that all the good thing only start pouring at the end. My 4 months holiday has been a boring one until the last few weeks. I have been out station for vocation for so frequent that I am so good in packing my luggage.

After the recent Penang trip, I went to Port Dickson this time with family for 2 days and a night vocation.

Recalling the last time I went to Port Dickson, it was the memorable Freshy Camp ! However, I still remember the dirtiness of the beach and sea.

To my surprise, it was looking better now.

It seem there were people who taking up the responsibility to take care of the beach. Well, I still hold my trust on the sea though. Beach is ok haha.

Though the beach was much cleaner now, but our 2 days and 1 night trip would not spend much time on beaches. Cause we will spend most of it in our hotel !

I knew, when one on trip, they should spend most of their time exploring out there instead of spending their time in the hotel.

But for my case, it was totally a different case when each unit of the hotel we stayed, cost MYR 500+

This resort called, Great Lexis or formerly known as The Legend International Water Home.

With the money we paid we expect good facilities that could serve us good and proper. And it kinda interesting when there was private pool in each unit !

we rented 3 units to fit all of us. So we got 3 private pools to play with. I even like the private pool on the upper unit.

An open-air private pool with a good view on the outside. Luckily, we got the unit that faced the public pool. It was so fun and relaxing submerging your body in the water while viewing peoples having fun on the public pool. Some time if you lucky, there will be bikini hottie around. HAHAHA

While the in-door private pool is good for pool party and it was cold all the time, the upper pool was superb for night swim. Because it was so freaking nice !

Yea, you can swim or sit in it for all the night you want.

Not to mention the cozy room big room with a big 32 inch tv as well.

As well as a mini kitchen for us to do a minor cooking.

With everything you need under one roof, who want to go near the dirty beach out there ? It was a total leisure to hangout around the resort. It was big and mean to be explored. So my younger brother rent one of these for MYR 20 / hour

With these lazy bike, we take turn to explore this resort to see what it can offer. I discovered this place where the much higher price for chalet located.

The chalet that built on water. But, I not really fancy on this. Well, the water underneath seems so dirty and I bet it smell too. Not really worthy for the higher price you got to pay. But if you are saying Borneo in this case. Then hell yesh ! Recalling my previous Borneo trip to Semporna island, I stayed on a chalet which built on top of crystal clear sea.

Besides sight-seeing, there were sports too. One of em which I had tried out was the archery.

Not bad for the price. MYR 10 = 12 arrows , MYR 16 = 24 arrows. And I forget the rest. And yes, the more arrows you bought at once, more discount you will get. And so my younger bro and I took the MYR 16 each.

One of my favorite was the pool. No, I not talking about the private pool. I am talking about the pool with balls, cue and table. With just MYR 3 per round, it was even cheaper than KL and PJ.

How about the foods ? We went outside to search for seafood as dinner. After some fast search on internet, we found out that there were few local famous. So we settle for Weng Hin Seafood restaurant. Hmm, and I think it was so-so. not worth to mention its food anyway.

Our Hotel breakfast buffet was kinda good in fact.

It offer quite a variety of breakfast. I love the wedges and prawn popiah. The eggs was a bonus too cause it was nicely fried.

Remember the new ef 50mm f/1.8 lens that I recently bought ? If you get a chance to shoot portrait. Use it !

It could produce nice bokeh and good sharpness which were utterly important in portrait shooting.

She was my cousin sis daughter. Cute, playful and photogenic.

 And that was about all I have to say for this trip. Since I was in PD and going to pass by Seremban when going back KL, I decided to brought my sibling to eat the famous Tow Kee Hakka Mee at Seremban.

Try to Google 'Tow Kee Hakka Mee' and you will get a complete review about it as well as its location. It was really good and I had came back for second this time after the first time I ate year ago. Courtesy to my good friend Joey.

Coming up next. Trip to Singapore. As a matter of fact, I just back from Singapore this morning and going to Bukit Kayu Hitam tomorrow morning. Seriously, All the good things save till the end. LOL

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