Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Operation Uniform Prank

*Alarm ringing* 
*Some voice shouting heard in dark*

"GET UP ! SUIT UP !!  And Go to School Already !!! "

But hey, I am a University student already. Suppose I could wear whatever I want. Torn up jean, black metal wannabe t-shirt and slacky slippers were good enough.

LOL, but being a final year student with only one semester left. We get boring with all these repeated culture and routine.

Talking of doing crazy stuffs in University, everyone talked about that. And it was still remain a talking....

So, the few of us plan to walk the talk. By wearing our long seen secondary uniform to attend lecture.

It was humiliating of course hahaha. With everyone eye-ing on us in the class or outside we might get a little discomfort at first. But,

it mean something special deep inside us. They might think we are crazy and childish. But this was what cowards always do, talk about other while they do not have the gut to do it.

By ignoring the odds, we did it our way =)

And more to come,

We added spice on that by tweak the theme a little. This time we doing school uniform and society outfit theme. So some of us having taekwondo uniform and Red Cresent Uniform.

And we entered the big lecture hall like a Boss !!

I was afraid and about to back down at first, but then I realized that I care too much on public perception instead of my own desire.

I really want to try doing something crazy in university. So here am I, doing it in my own way without taking a shit from what public will think.

We are so going to take along this sweet and silly memory with us to future !

Proud of you guys !!!

And we let the momentum rolling. I changed back to my secondary uniform and with a bunch of crazy friends, we camouflaged our self as secondary student taking a stroll in shopping complex despite of our old looking face. HAHAHA


It was so fun to feel young again. I do not know if other noticed the decoy, but we really have a good time doing this.

So what is next in my list ? Any suggestion guys ? = )

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