Monday, October 24, 2011

How to be a Man ?

Days now,

nobody really knows what a man should look like. It came to a point where man means human being with penis and balls hanging on his crotch.

For girls, young teenagers especially, when some beefy guys with charming face and talk with a really nice macho accent pass by em. They get electrocuted and they called it ' Soooo Man'.

It appeared the 'Men' criteria had went down to just appearance factor.

Well, I am a big guys that love to show my excess arm's meat very often. Not that I want to, buy my arms are very prone to sweat. And I always get involved in task/help that required muscles... often I get praise 'Very Man' for that.

To my ashamed, I do not deserved it because being a 'Men' required more than just Muscles alone. Below are the Top 10 criteria to be a real Men.

No 1. Real Man is strong.

A men do not cry, moan, complains and went to doctor every time he sneezes. A real men is tough and has no time for weakness. Be it good time or shit-falling condition, a men will firm on his stance and take on whatever comes to him up-front. While providing his back as cover for the people that trusted him.

No 2. Real Man is Focused

A men stayed focused all the time. He knows well what he is doing and don't waste time on stupidity. A very good quote from Don Corleone (GodFather 1972) said, "Women and children can make mistakes, but not Men". 

No 3. Real Man knows the importance of family

A real man keep his family strong and and pass on his 'ancestor' history and tradition. No matter how the world had advanced nowadays, man shouldn't forget his root and he will make sure the responsibility do not die in his hand. 

No 4. Real Man doesn't gossip.

Real men do not engaged in girly talks. He shelters information and do not reveal more than he has to. He doesn't talk about things he do not sure and people that he do not know about.

No 5. A real Man word is His Bond

When a man make promises, he will make sure it get delivered. If not, he wouldn't promise. He would rather die than breaking them. Hence, men is rationed his word.

No 6. Real Men strives to be a role model

Real Men do not afraid of being followed. They knows that they are confident and nothing will goes wrong. Men love reputation and being respected. He will walk his talk and set a good example for his disciple.

No 7. A real man makes his own fortune.

A real men doesn't satisfied with free hand-out from charity. They spitted on lady luck and fight for their own fortune. If his papa gave him fortune, he will makes it 10 times more. 

No 8. A real man doesn't look like a woman.

No long hairs, no ear piercing and sparkling accessories on his body. He kept his hair short and smart. And his appearance clean and tidy. Aside of his barber, all of his personal hygiene need to be taken care by women.

No 9. A real man doesn't play blame and excuses.

If he make a mistake, he waste no time for excuses, ready for punishment and will take it like a men. If shits occurred, he ain't no playing blame game with sissies and kick start for solution.

No 10. A real man can defend himself.

He do not hide on other backside. Whether verbally or physically, he could defend himself just fine.

So hard to become a men ain't it? Seriously, it is hard to find man with such criteria nowadays. Perhaps it is because of cultural changes and assimilation. Perhaps, women today was stronger and need no men to one-man-show already. Well, maybe world today do not need men to achieve such criteria already..

But I still think, such criteria very cool. Hope in time, I will slowly achieve all 10 of above said criteria.


y3ehoong said...

cant hit any 1 of the criteria @@ gg liao...

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