Thursday, October 6, 2011

A table of warmth dishes.

Everyday I will race with bloody traffic jam in order to get home in time for a nice warmth dinner. I don't know since when I started to really love eating at home.

Or shall I say, I started to appreciate Mom's cook.

I had stayed away from home for several years due to study. Except for holiday, I rarely ate at home. Most of the time I will settle my meal outside with simple economic rice, noodles and Mamak Stall.

This final sem, I decided to stay at home and traveled to Uni everyday for study. And having dinner at home had become one of my habit already. Unless there are really important matter to hold me up, without second thought I will start racing with traffic to get a hold on a bowl of warmth rice.

Mom's cook is the best. Always.

The combination of dishes are different everyday. And not to mention it is extremely healthy to eat. Even at excessive amount. Now I start to understand why guy love to find a wife who could cook.

Cause I found the satisfaction of it. My class was ended mostly on 5 p.m. And sometime I will went for a swim in Uni. When I joined the traffic to go home, my stomach was seriously growling for foods.

When reached home, and rushed to kitchen to see a table full of tasty dishes. Can you imagine the bliss that I am having ?

Girls, I know now is modern era. Girls want to work too, don't wan stay at home cooking and raise children. But, sometime, a table of warmth dishes might be the most effective way to lock a husband heart.

Need to learn ya.


Tiago Couto said...

Great blog, hey what's the name of this text style? I'll stop by sometimes! :)

Tiago Couto

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