Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My birthday, My story

Happy Birthday to Me \(^^)/

This year, I am becoming 22. Well, after passing 21, 22 is another ordinary day for me. As always, my birthday always crash with assignments and mid-term test just like every year. But, my good friends especially my ss2 family will come up with something to make my day *touched*

Thanks for all the trouble to surprise me with a cake. Everyone is there for me eventhough Connie is an early sleeper. Well, earlier that day, I had sent a message insisting that you guys need not to do something for me because we are having a hectic week, and I am extremely cool with it. All I need for is a simple wishing message from all of you =)

But you guys still doing so much for me, troubling to stay up late, troubling to hide your car and troubling to surprise me.. Having you all around at my uni life is just like receiving birthday present everyday, glad to have you all *wink*. Well, thanks for all the trouble^^
Beeting, Shin Yeen, Connie, Rachel, Esther, Philip, Quinn and Frank

And all the wishes I make, is on you all.

What is really surprise me is, my facebook
Wao, I am keep replying the wishes from my friends until like uncountable. Hey, never realize that I have thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much of friends around me. From my rough count, I think there is around 180 wishing in my fb and it is still ongoing... Maybe it is not a large number for some of you.. but for me, I am contented.

Thanks for your wishing folk ^^ This is one of my greatest birthday gift.

Speaking on my birthday. I have faced a severe stomachache, which begin on morning and getting worst till night. It is not diaorhea, because I don feel to 'answer the nature call'. So, I was suspecting food poisoning. I tried not to confront doctor first. So, I treating myself with my own way.

Holim's theory of self-medicating.

At first I camp in toilet quite long to intoxicated my body. But hell! Nothing is coming out and I am very dizzy and weak. The pain is getting serious from time to time. So, I headed to sleep, but can't. The pain in my stomach make me so difficult to sleep. Whether I lie flat down or side, it make no different.

Realizing that the toxic wont come out from my below.. so, I plan to forcibly throw it out from upper(mouth). In hospital, they force patient to drink a lot of water and then vomit it out. This is what they called stomach cleaning. So, I drink a lot of water and vomit. First round, my lunch is coming out.

And I head back to sleep. But the pain is getting more intense. So, I drink a lot of water again.
And force myself to vomit. This time the remaining lunch and 'maybe' breakfast is coming out too. Can't recognize d.. haha

Actually, I am suspecting myself getting a food poisioning. Even if you admit to hospital, they will wash your stomach in this way. That why I try it myself at home. Well, after the second attempt. It relief a while and fell to sleep for 10+ minute. And the pain is coming back. But I am very sure my stomach is so empty already. Haiz, so I did my last try.

Drink a lot a lot of water this time... and force myself to vomit again. As I expected, only water are coming out from my mouth and nose. But I push it further.. see what can possibility hiding inside. And they was a rush of liquid coming out.

Green in color and bitter. It is very bitter. I think that is pankreas jus or in chinese we called (wong tam sui). Wao, I was so suffer. And I went back to my bed and collapse. Hoping that I am fine, because my stomach is really really empty !

Heck, the pain is getting intense. Whatever position I sleep, the pain is killing me. I found no comfort zone and getting really weak. Finally I have ask Quinn help to bring me to a nearby clinic.

Quinn ah, live is SS2 so long d, still can masuk lorong salah XD but really thanks to him.
We found a clinic and I am relief. But the doctor was out for dinner and have to wait!. Argh...
I just wish to faint and get up next day lying comfortably in ward. I really think like that. All the waiting is killing me. At last the doctor came and provide me medication. We headed back and I sleep after.

Waking up two time in night to take medication, and get to sleep. Well, and I am back to healthy this morning ! nice~

Really thanks to Quinn ! brother, I really owe you wan ;)

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LEe YiN said...

walao~ wong tam sui oso vomit..
wat a special experience bday~ XD