Thursday, February 11, 2010

Telescope . . but not magnifier glass

Human's heart is fragile. It get hurt so easy and produce a sense of pain which is more tortured than a cut on flesh.


It can have a magnificent rate of recovery. It takes seconds to days for those that is strong, and years for those that is weak.

In order to recover fast, we must recognize our right track of life. Right track of life is where our happy heart live. When we sad, we strayed from the track. As we allow ourselves to fall deeper into the sorrow of sadness, we had stray even further. When the hammer of conscious finally hit our thick skull, only then we realized that we have done a big mistake. But, eventually we will back to the right path, however time is wasted and we had neglected to those that love us.

Worth it ?

From this, I wish we could have a insight of telescope, but not a magnifier glass.

We have a good life ! You all know it.

Often, we use to break down for such a tiny thing, which is not significant in our life. Especially in relationship. When one get reject, one get break-up, one knew their love one be with others..

breakdown happen. The heart is pain... aching in a very unique way.

Well, it should be ache ! must be! If not, we are not human..

But, we should learn the limit. If we see things with magnifier glass, you will see none other than the problem itself. The one care for you, your happy life, career and plenty of stuffs are out of your sight. You could not move on and get stucked on the same phase of life until it was too late.

I am trying to see far enough through the insight as telescope. The little obstacle that I have faced, some time will ache my heart. But it recover soon enough, after I zoom out from my sadness and see the bigger picture.

I saw my caring family and exciting life awaiting me. My heart recover in no time because it get back to the right track.


Need not to say more, how strong is your heart? is depend on how you think.

ps : To some one, to be able to heal in just one night... you are my idol =)