Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Arghh. . . another not-so-special-day is going to pass . Now is 10.11pm, 2 more hours for a brand new day to start.. Hmm, today is just a mirror of yesterday , yesterday punya yesterday, and yesterday punya yesterday punya yesterday... haha. Nothing special.. chasing dramas.. play my online games.. msn-ing.... eat , sleep , 'penyatinjaan'(wakaka, science student shud know what is tis mean ok) and my favourite which is waiting u guys to update blogs... and spam chat boxs... haha.

Well, Happy Chinese New Years is drawing near ya.. (I know, christmas come first). But since that my family never celebrate christmas and seldom to give it a damn to christmas day, so as usual, no celebration will be happening this years.. haha, my mom already start to make some prepration for the coming Happy Chinese New Years ! ! ! GONG XI FA CHAI... muahahaha. So, what she did today was she started to clean the house.. Me, as a good and 'hao yi' punya anak, sure will help my mom out la.. so, with the power of mother-son power , we done the 1/10 of house's cleaning project within two hour. Hahaha..

My house's living room.. is the place where we start to clean.. Omg, so much things needs to move away ... The chairs, tables, and most of them are my father's ' ka changssss (tools box, hammer's, electrical drill,and many many metal's stuffs by which are so heavy... ). Since I am the only man who working in this project.. obviously I am incharge with carry-ing stuffs task... ) haha, I am wearing ten coll cc t-shirt... Kinda remind me of Ptcc . . . being a kuli but happy.. haha..

My living room... after removing all the junks to outside..

After done, need to re-carry those stuffs back to their respective position.. Arghh....
Anywhere, after Ptcc... this is nothing la.. hahaha, sap sap water le.. Xp

Yea, living room kao tim.. left kitchen, bathroom, outside house, balkony, staircase, upper-storey, bla bla bla... haha, Once a year.. is like tat de la.. I hope my mom wouldn't done all this by herself.. cause she don't ask for other help and always finish up all the works alone.. I think I had inherited my mom's characteristic .. lolx, like today, if I keep drama-ing in my room, she will done all cleaning alone.. Cant imagine that she need to carry all the heavy furniture alone.. luckily I am there to help her out... Ok, holim.. must 24/7 alert ! ! !

ps : for those that got million of maids work for them . I want to say something............................ 'NI JOU HAO LE' ... (-__-" )

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