Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year !

Current time is 9:49 pm 31/12/2008 . Few more hours to go for the brand new year arrival. 2009 ! Thank god for blessing me a good condition of health for me to witness another new arrival of a brand new year.. With all my heart , I am glad to celebrate it in University Malaya with the remaining friends here. Most of them have back to their hometown already to celebrate this great new year's eve with their beloved family.

Today, I had dragged my lazy ass to gym today. Thank for Frank accompaniment anywhere. It is the time for my body to recall its fit-fit state where I used to have them a long long long time ago *ahem, ahem*(Don't laught plzzzz). My nerves told my muscles . . ."Hey musclesss, is time to wake up! You are so slackly already.. get blanked by so much fats jor.. is time to work up eh.. knn...Wake up la! ".

Okay, I admit . It is me who screwed up the countdown plan.. sorry guys, sorry esther to make you sufferrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred for being facing empty walls in your room. *Her friend FFK her.. ko lian tai*. Anywhere, tonight we will countdown at all-famous LAMAN PERINDU instead. Hooray.. Curve, One Utama, Times Square, everytime also go one ler, no big deal..cheh Laman Perindu is what I said BIG-DEAL-THING k. . . wakaka..

I can celebrate in Um-10th college this year ! ! Woohoooo , Weeheeee, Yahooo, Yippeeeee...
*Sorry for being retard , can't help it. . sob . .*

Ps: "Aiya, where celebrate also same one de la, as long got the spirit of celebrating jou can liao.. where also same.. no problem.. " . So, Happy News Year everyone !

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