Thursday, January 1, 2009

My First day of 2009

For some sort of reason, I had dedicated myself to wake up as early as 7am today to jog around UM. My first jog in this year. How unbelievable. Hahaha. Well, as expected*lanc-ing*, I am doing good in my jogging today. Complete my jog-around-UM mission in 45minutes. Thx to a cute little-keychain-watched which was a gift from Yiyen during Christmas, I managed to record the duration I need to complete my jog. Wow, Yesterday did gym, and today jogging pulak. I am so proud of myself *lcly adi*... wakaka. But later at night,which you will know later, had turn my efford to a complete pile of shits! (-_-").

Leave that for later. 10am, is the time when my parents will reach my coll and fetch me along to a destination called Thean Hou Temple. Every year at 1st of Jan, my family will pray over there. This year is not exception. Nothing much had changed. Still the same temple as I saw every year. I did some prayer over there and wish for lotsa stuffs. Such as I wish to excel in study la, family member all healthy la, become more handsome la*zzzzzz*, less fat and fit-er la, and wish for a good girl friend in future...(=_=") dont laugh k. I had picked an auspicious lot which had lightened up my day. Wow, I am fired up and ready for my future undertaking.. hehe.

Having my brunch at Thean Hou Temple before back to home. It is a vegetarian in buffet style. Which was remain the same for every year. Quite satisfied for my brunch and their foods were tasted like meat eventually. Very professional indeed. Back to home afterward and have a good afternoon nap.
My first dinner on this year! Was so superb and FATTENNING. Haha, the killer of my effords. Sayonara to my gym work out and 45minutes of jog-around-UM efford. (-_-").
Deep fried prawn
Pork *this one really jia lat*

Fish from Frank's hometown
and last but not the least, a mountain of rice
Back to UM at 10pm. . . What a great 1st of Jan.

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yen Ho said... good went天后宫=.=

hehe...c gift so useful one~~~

n i hang da key chain on my hp d...nice nice!!!!my hp look more leng zai liao~~~