Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Cho~1

Hey everyone .. Wat'cha doin huh? Busy-ing bai nian? Stuffing yourselves with cookies, crackers, sweets and soft drinks? Packing stuff for vocation? Whatever that you all are doing right now. I hope that you all can truly enjoy ya... Happy Chinese New Year.

Today is cho~2 in Chinese lunar calendar. Huh . . today not as busy as yesterday . I get to enjoy my afternoon nap today. Since quite number of friends had wrote their blog despite that they are so busy with their day. So, I will too, jot down a little of my journey thoroughout my cho~1.. \(^_^ )/

Like every year. For me, the best day in CNY is on cho~1. On that day I will get up as early as I can and prepare myself a little before going down to living room to greet everybody ! Oya, I don't need to 'balik kampung' lo. Because my grandmother is live with us. Basically, all of my relative will come over to my house. Hahaha, I only need to book a seat in living room and ready my palm open to receive ang pao.. WAKAKA.

After a good breakfast in the morning. We start our first bai nian at my mother's family. (though tradition said that daughter's in law should only back to their family during cho~2.. But we never follow.. haha. We modern adi ma. )

Went there and greet anyone that we saw and eagerly preying their ang pao. Taste their cookies and drinks that we don't have it at home. And start to scan my mother's side relative daughter. Wao, year by year, some get prettier and some do not change at all. Some put one inch of powder on their face eventhough that they only age around 15? Wao... wat a beautiful world huh.

Get back to home and d**-ing for my bed.. sleep like no tomorrow till 7pm..

Then all of a sudden get waken up by my mom. She told us to prepare. We will going to genting tonight.. SWT. Blur blur... have a fast dinner and took a bath. And, GENTING HERE WE COME!

Arrive at genting around 9.30om. Parking is so difficult to find. There is a parking bay in a hotel resort. But it only allow genting's silver card and above to access. We do have a genting card too. But it is just a very ordinary card nia. Not even green colour lo. Wakaka. But parking is very hard to find at this time. Nevermind, my clever father give it a shot. Pretend that he don't know the requirement. He line up for his turn in a line of cars. User have to swipe his almigthy 'silver card and above' through a machine in order to access the parking. Okay, my father turn came. He try to swipe his card though he know that the metal's bar won't lift up. Haha, the guard came. My father give him a weird and confused look...

Ba : apasal tak boleh jalan har? Tengok, saya swap banyak kali o.

Guard : mari kasi saya tengok... ala, ini bukan silver card la boss.. tak boleh jalan punya.

Ba : aiya boss, ini macam ka, saya sudah nak upgrade punya. Surat pun dah bawa dah.

Many cars were waiting behind and turning back is almost impossible already.

Guard : Okay la, kasi you masuk la..

My mom and dad faster pack a rm5 note in a angpao and hand it over to the guard.

Ba : Nah, gong xi fa chai yea...

Guard : ooo, tq tq gong xi fa chai ^^

A smart attempt from my father. We manage to access the parking that only accessible by silver card and above holder with only rm5. However, even in a reserved parking bay will run out of parking during this peak day. We have kept rounding the floor for around 5 minutes. Then we saw two guard riding a bike. My father open the window and again he trying to mis-use the power of $$ wakakaka.

Ba : Tak ada parking la.. susah mao cari

Guards : Tak apa boss , mari ikut saya, saya tau mana ada

Ba : Okay, thank kiu yea

He brought us to a best parking place ever. We park our car under a hotel that could straight bring us to Safari/casino/archade center by lift.. Then my fathers 'lai si' them rm10 each.. hahaha. Money talk ..... hahahaha.

Car park worth rm25

Why are we going to genting? Because ..

My parents want to visit casino and sibling and me got nothing to do at home. Basically I am qualitfied to enter casino already. But it wont be fun to enter the casino without friends accompaniment. So, I plan to save my first time experience till we go to genting together in future. hehe.

Basically, we have little thing to do in genting. Despite that theme park had closed and we don't have rooms. We just could wandering around and enjoying the CNY decoration.

sakura's along the escalator

This make me recall some good memories

Eat .. is the best and ideal activity to do. We went to Hainan's Kopitiam. A chicken's rice and a milk shake already cost me rm25 . . (-_-) As expected in Genting. Then sibling and I were taking a walk in a garden and enjoying the cold winds and views. My brother came up with a crazy idea. He suggested that we should buy an ice-cream and enjoy it under the cold winds. Well, we did it. Eating Mc-flurry under 12 celcius. Luckily, still not yet sick. Just a stomachache at this morning.. haha

Hainan Kopitiam

Mc-flurry rulezz
Freezing cold.
Around 12 am++ My parents came out from casino and called us. We met up at Mc-Donald and have a chat there. My father did won a little . Hehe. . .

WE ARE GOING BACK, BYE BYE GENTING. On the way walking to car park. I walking behind my parents. They are holding their hands and swing a little while walking. I felt ..... kinda hard to describe this feeling. Maybe can say that I am feeling happy for them, or feel that I am lucky to have such a lovely parents, or can I say that I am envy with their strong bonding of love? They have married for 20 years+ Holding each other hand and walk like a young couple nowadays .. It is hard to achieve. So, ....................... what can I say.. Yesterday is truly a great day (^o^).

My little brother, sister, Ba and Ma

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