Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Cho~2 . . . was special.

Cause I get to see something that was extraordinary in that particular morning...

Saw lion dance before ma ? Of course u do la...

But saw before 2 lion dance performing in one time? Normal right?

Then how about 4 lion dance in one time? This one a bit rare right ? Even in shopping complex they only use 2...

But if I say.. 8 LION DANCE performing in a shot? 8 lion dance in double storey terrace house.. Wow, this is really opened my eyes. Can you imagine that 8 lion dance in a medium sized house.. Wow.. awesome..

Too bad.. not my house. That is my cousin's house lor.. hahaha.

8 lion dances.. Starting already..
Went to my cousin's house at 8.30am and watched the lionssss dance . . Love their firecracker very much.. Saw before firecracker that has a size of thumb? Yes. They have it. It is so deafening loud. Syok~

After the show. Everyone get hungry and we move out to eat. Since it is cho~2, many hawker stall not yet operate yet. Mamak is our last option. Luckily a dimsum kopitiam already operated on that day. Lucky day^^ . Having mamak at Cho~2 is quite sad. However, things wont go easy for us. That place was so overly crowded by people. Every inch of tables were occupied and was still lot more people were booking seat.

Despite that we have a large number of people in our family. Small table won't do any trick. Have to wait for big table. Sadly, it was limited in quantity. Wait quite long and at last managed to get a good seat.

Eat till veryFull ! So long never eat dim sum already... siu mai.. babi usus tepung . . lo mai kai.. Nyam nyam...

People mountain people sea..

Back to house after that. Slack for entire noon and then went to cinema together to watch 'All Well End Well 2009'. Seriously... Highly recommended by holim. If you must choose red cliff II and this. Go watch this movie instead with your family.. I promise this will Laugh your Ass Out.. For my case... LMAO.. hahaha

That all for my cho~2.. No bai nian at that day.. hahaha. Actually should go to genting at cho~2 de.. But cho~1 already went. Hmm.. But slacking in house is kinda nice.. enjoying tv shows with cookies and gas-drinks accompaniment.. haha

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