Monday, February 2, 2009

Cho~8 ...

Today is cho~8 already.

This is the most important day in the entire year. For Hokkienniese la. Tonight going to be awesome. With sky full of firework display and a lot of 'Kong Ming' lantern floating all over the sky. Really looking forward for this night.

As usual, we will prepare a lot of offerings to God. Such as Meats, cakes, fruits and 'gold and silver'(paper).. This year, we will offer a piglet. A small roasted piglet is cost about rm600+. Very expensive eh... But according to tradition, if we want to make a wish from the God, It is best to offer a roasted pig. And after our wish had fulfilled, then we will offer another pig next year to show our appreciation and thankfullness. Haha. Maybe this year my family want to make a big wish ba...

Today, my mom wanna make 'kai tan gou' . Egg's cake. Instead of buying from outside. She plan to make it herself to show our sincerity. The process in making this cake is quite tiring. The ingredients are very simple. Sugars, Egss and flour. But it need a lot of patient and stamina to make it a success. The most important process is when you need to continuosly stir and beat the mixture of eggs and sugar for 45minute non-stop. It is indeed very tiring. I stir and beat the mixture for around an hour. Patient and stamina are very crucial because it is the only secret formula to make the cake become super fluffy and tasty at the end.

Eggs . The basic of everything..

Mixture of sugars, eggs and Sarsi..haha

Stir and beat the mixture for 45 minutes. Later it will expand till half of the pail

C... 45 minutes later..Already expand till half the pail. My arm is very tired..

Done. Pour in into a 'acuan' and steam it..If it a success. It will espand up and crack a big smile on top of it...

It is a success !.. A cross on top.. Hard work paid off =)

This night, I will make the kepong sky to turn into morning ! One box of firework is waiting for me to blast it sky high. Muahahahaha. At my hometown, Tmn Kepong to be exact. Is a place where you can feel the peak of 'high-ness' during this cho-8 night. The firework display will dance in the sky for hours and it even beat the hell out of Merdeka and new Year at Kl.. hahaha

This box contains highly explosive material.. Stay out from the reach of children !

Party tonight.. ngek ngek ngek

For all the Um folks .. Happy back to Um ya.. Going to meet u guys up tomorrow.. hehehe

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