Thursday, February 19, 2009

Silence night . . .

2:49 am . . . Alone in study room after Philip , Frank, Connie and Rachel have decided to call it a day. Not that I don't want to sleep early tonight , not that I want to stuff few more pages of slide into my brain , it is just that I have drank a tin of nescafe. Now I am still in awake condition. Now spending my time browsing web and viewing the collection of photos in my com.

Sweet memory . By viewing photos from Genting and Pangkor trip . It kinda bring my mind travel back to that particular time. So much happy things we have done in the past. Never thought that I could actually involve in all of this god-gift-experience.

Photos are a very powerful creation. It is like stopping that particular moment for eternal. I love my phone very much. It is such a powerful tool for me to capture every colourful moments whenever it occured. Past is always a memory. I always wish to travel back to time where I could re-live my life again.

So much wrong things I have done, and I want to redo it.

So much sweet memory I have enjoy, and I want to re-experience it.

So much time I had waste, and I want to retrieve it back.

So much to dream about . . . like what I am doing right now.

Basically , I am waiting my sleeping-hormone to activate. Not feeling like studying. Too silence. the sound of air-cond and fan had occupied my surrounding. Lack of human voice. ~peace but emotion-less. Is this what it would look like at next sem ? When everyone has move out .

No idea what to blog about. Just wrote whatever pop up in my mind. Jamming my ears with musics. Sem 2 is so short. I hope it would be longer.

Hmm, let talk about my recent post. "The refined version of Quotes of the year" .
I know, I am very good in doing this kind of crap. Most of them said that I am very creative. Well, I do happy with their compliment. But, I do realise that I am bad , Non-ethical and mis-use of photos. Sacrificing other people reputation for the sake of comedy and popularity for my blog.

Aw, I am so self-fish. Sorry to anyone that get offended. But I really do love this style of blogging very much. Hope to use it often in future but in a more descent way. . .

Yes, I feeling sleepy now . Bye bye.

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