Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Pap birthday ,

Today is my father's birthday ! According to chinese calendar la. Saw that pic ma? It is 'pun choi'

Really large portion lo. Need at least 12 persons to finish it. Wao, this is my second time eat 'pun choi'. Erm, Not kinda like it but it is quite a nice experience . Variety of dishes compressed in one big 'Pun' . Hahaha. . Nice dinner ^^

" Paa . . happy birthday . . I think this year is ur 53th birtday . . Wow, time is surely moving fast without mercy. Wish u a great health and a better luck ahead ^^ and most importantly, don worry and be happy everyday . .. (^_^). Yea, I know you don't how to access internet, so, chances for you to see my blog is almost zero . . will ' it is the thought that counts ' . . haha.

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