Thursday, January 22, 2009

See the larger picture....

Why should I stay in college next sem? I have been asking myself since in the early of January. From time to time, I have been changing my decision. Frank, Philip and Junyen always never fail to attempt brain-wash me. Well, almost every time after listening their talks. I will agreed with what they said. But, the weird thing is, after a day or two . . my heart will guides my mind back to my early decision. Which is, stay in college. Maybe this is what I want.

College life is fun! Seriously. It is fun because of the friends around. We are strong and invincible when we gathered. We are the happiest people in the world when we done some big deal-things together. Sadly..Next sem will be the different story. Changing is coming. For sure, college life would not be as fun as now.

Less friends to eat together..

Less friends to work out in gym..

Less friends to chit-chat in laman perindu..

Always bounded by college activity

But I know. I can't think like this. I must see far. There is a bigger picture to look around. Moving out from college is something that I seem is a fun thing to do. Moving to a new environment and no more disciplinary rule around. It is your world dude!

But, why am I still holding strong my stand ? To stay in coll...

One of them, is to repay senior's good deed...
Seniors have treated us well during our first year. Every junior's birthday, they have forked out their money to buy cake. Well, you might say. "We got pay what". But ask yourselves. Did everyone did pay the money ? So much birthday's have been celebrated and how many time you had forked out your money to share? You see, seniors are treating us so good. This is one of my reason to stay in college. To show my support to ten' coll CC ! Self-sellfishness is not a wrong thing. Not willing to carry the burden or not willing to pay back the debt are also not a wrong thing. Everyone has their own mindset and thought. I respect that... So, can't blame them.

I am pretty sure that I have secured a place in this college. Why would I let go this chances? I have done so many for this college. My merits points are pilling high. Now this is the time to redeem the paid off.

On the very first sem. I have been said to myself that I will become a facilator. Despite that I knew that as a trainee facilator, you will need to sacrifice half your holiday for this. And you won't get any benefit out of it. Why this stupid holim going to torture himself like that? Shouldn't that it is better for him to find a work during holiday and earn a sum of saving? Well, this is me. A person that don't know how to enjoy his life and always get himself in responsibility. But I learn a lot.

There is a chinese phrase . . 'wo pat yap dei yok, sui yap dei yok' (If I am not going to hell, who will go to the hell instead)? Some one must do the job. If not, the world will not be turning. For instance, if no one was willingly to stand up and offer himself to help Kenny? Can he win? Who will do the banner? who will help him distribute the manifesto? If everyone is folding their hand and trying to stay in their comfort zone.. then ............ I don't know too. Maybe nothing will change or it might disastrous. CC's need people to take care. For the sake of our future junior. We need Chinese Pm to ensure their equal treatment. Anywhere I'm glad that I am not the only one who will get down to the field and get my feet dirty.

One thing for sure... I am staying in college. And I will apply for facilator's interview.

Life in the campus is once in the life time. Staying in the campus and enjoying every happy and bitter moment are one of the great stuffs to enjoy. Staying in campus is a great place to learn many valuable experience... I learn a lot. Life in Uni is not just about completing assignment and score high mark. It is the only time for us to know different kind of friends and get experiences. I dare not to say that by staying out from Uni it will prohibited anyone from getting all this.. But for sure, it will be very difficult. Your world are getting smaller. Once you get out to work. All of this will be history. No return already. I am regret that during my secondary life, I involved so little in anything. It turn up that I am very ordinary.

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